01 May, 2006

The Bad, Ugly, and the Ridiculous!!

I have always been a fan of Crystal Jade’s Wanton noodle soup and have been to a few of their outlets for meals. However recently, I have noticed that they have sprung out a few outlets focusing on challenging Ding Tai Fung on the “Xiao Long Bao” and “La Mian” market. These vastly furnish outlets are trendy, giving it a modern look, away from the brown boring look of the traditional Crystal Jade. However, the food and service it provided are just as different to the good old Crystal Jade I knew. I was at Crystal Jade La Mian, Xiao Long Bao outlet with my friend– which is next to Burger King (not to confuse with the other Crystal Jade Kitchen down the stretch facing the market) and I was looking forward to it, since it was my first visit there, and definitely my last. We ordered the usual Xiao Long Bao and Braised Beef La Mian and it took quite awhile to arrive, though bearable. The first bite of the Xiao Long Bao was ok though I find the skin too thick for my liking, but the subsequent ones were BAD. As we know, Xiao Long Bao is supposedly to contain hot boiling soup bursting out when you take a bite. But those I ate were dry within and cold on the outside. When the La Mian arrived, we realised that the UGLY La Mian was not exactly what we had ordered. The wrong order that came was Braised Beef La Mian with chilli oil. We requested for a new bowl of La Mian as we were not in the mood for red fiery chilli oil in our noodles. But to our horror, the most RIDICULOUS thing happened, in all my life in the Food and Beverage industry - the bowl of noodles that came was rid of the chilli oil, or so we thought, but at the side of the bowl, it was pretty obvious that the oil was still floating around – the chef has just decided to ladle off the chilli oil from the wrong order and sent it back to us. How impetuous, how dare him!!! My verdict, I would rather pay more for hot steaming Xiao Long Bao and good service at Ding Tai Fung than to cheapen my standards for food. *PUI*


Food: 1.5/5
Service: 0/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5
Total: 8/20
241 Holland Drive,
Holland Village
Singapore 278976

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