10 May, 2006

I Miss Cooking...

Some interviews of chefs I had read on the newspaper talked about them not cooking at home. As they have been spending most of their time cooking for others, the last thing that they would want to do is to cook when it is their off days. Yet for wannabe chefs like me, I am always looking forward to whipping up a dish or two whenever the chance arrives. While I was in Perth, the time I looked forward to each day was always dinner time. That was the time I would open the fridge, took a quick look, and scanned for the ingredients to create dishes on whatever that were available. Other times that I looked forward to were potluck gatherings at my friends place, friends’ birthday or visitors at my place – such times were opportunities for me to think of dishes to cook and execute them, hopefully to perfection. Yet, as much as I was enjoying myself there, coming back to Singapore means that my chance of cooking dinner is limited. Working definitely cut down the opportunities, and coming back home also mean that there is mum and dad. So desperate was I to cook that I even offered to cook dinner for my friend’s family when I was over at his place!!! Darn…how I miss cooking…..

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