09 August, 2006

Bangkok Day 3 Part 1


Small Talk: Happy National Day Singapore!!!

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Following a long internal meeting among ourselves the night before, we woke up just in time for lunch, before our long series of meetings with our suppliers. We thus made our way to Siam House, next to the Asia Hotel on the recommendation of my Manager,

who insisted that they served nice Kang Kong over there.

A plus point for this place is that since the owner is a Thai Chinese, you can easily placed your order in Mandarin. However, although the food is generally tasty, I felt that the dishes were pretty catered for tourists’ taste. Take for example the Tom Yum Goong – it wasn’t that spicy at all for Thai standards - even though the chilli oil floating on top might make you thought otherwise.

But I have to commend that the Olive Rice was pretty exceptional. With its generous helping of mince meat fried with olives, along with groundnuts, each spoonful of olive rice is simply heavenly!

Another interesting dish was the deep fried fish we ordered. Thinking that it was the similar dish we ordered for the past 2 nights, it turned out the fish meat was deep fried till it became sort of like fish floss – and to think we initially thought that the golden-brown flakes were condiments for the fish!

And to wrap the lunch up, I made no mistake with their very own Cha Yen once again!

Not quite satisfied with the lunch, my Manager suggested that since there is a fishball noodle stall just around the corner, we should go sample it as she missed out on it on her last 2 visits. Therefore equipped with the usual grounded peanuts, chilli powder and sugar,

the 4 of us then proceed to savage the bowl of fishball noodle soup!

With the heavy lunch, it lasted us for the whole day throughout the meeting….to be continued...

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Price: 4/5
Total: 14.5/20
Near The Asia Hotel, Bangkok

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