20 August, 2006

Have a Belly Birthday!


Small Talk: YEAH!! I received 3 more birthday prezzie this week... a ROFF tie, a $200 RAOUL voucher and a NIKE workout towel...so happy!!!

What’s a birthday celebration at home without the usual fare of sashimi as the starter? As my family and I indulged in the sashimi, I came to realise that amidst the 3 types of fishes, 2 of them are the belly portion of the fish – the Salmon Belly and the Tuna Belly. For sashimi lovers out there, they would know that in Japan, tuna are graded and priced according to fat content -- the fattiest part of the fish is the most prized -- and Otoro, cut from the tuna's belly, is usually the most expensive item on a sushi menu.

Hmm……just wondering how much does that belly of mine worth?

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