29 September, 2006

Bangkok II Day Two


Small Talk: I will lose my freedom to the corporate world once again come this monday... but at least I am being productive!!

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People often dished out advice to sample the Oyster Egg and Beef Noodles in Bangkok and I am glad we had the Beef Kway Teow Soup for supper the night before, at the roadside stalls, outside my hotel. By indicating to the street hawker I wanted EVERYTHING (beef balls, raw beef, braised beef, beef tendon and beef stomach) in my serving of noodles, all it cost was a mere 30 BAHT (or SGD$ 1.265 equivalent).
My verdict – I am having supper every night in Bangkok!!!

Since it was a weekend on my 2nd day of the trip, we headed to, where else but the infamous Chatuchak Market.

With good advice from my friends, we headed early via the sky-train in our singlet to avoid the heat of the weekend market. Our 1st there was for breakfast – and I wolf down a bowl of Braised Beef Glass Noodles

and Cha Yen and for my friend, a bowl of Pork Trotter’s Noodle.

After a great round of bargain buys, we headed back to the hotel vicinity for a late lunch. As we were craving for rice, I suggested Siam House and the all too familiar fare I had on my last trip – the Olive Rice, Kang Kong, Tom Yum Goong, Fried Mussels Egg (as they do not have Oysters) and Deep Fried Sea Bass.

To be continued…

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