14 September, 2006

Last Days Part 3


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Over at the end of Tras Street lies Murray Terrace, and at the 2nd unit, of a stretch full of food galore lays Mitzis Cantonese Restaurant.

A favourite lunch and dinner venue for my ex-boss, the name itself suggest that it serves Authentic Traditional Cantonese cuisine. My ex-boss likes it so much that we once have back-back meals for 2 days straight, (although I am not complaining since she paid for most of the meals there). On my last trip there for lunch, we had the usual fare of Kai Lan fried with Garlic, as well as the Bittergourd Fried with Beef Slices in Bean Paste – an all time favourite with my boss and of course mine!!!

The vegetables served are always so fresh and we even had a 2nd helping of the Kai Lan once in our previous visit. The Bittergourd though was abit below par this time round as I felt the Beef and Bittergourd was too cooked.

Also, I dislike the beef being tenderised in my dishes as it leaves an artificial taste – I would rather do without it, giving it a rough tough texture yet soft from the medium rare state. Another disappointing dish was the Deep Fried Prawn Paste Chicken.

The flavouring was too sweet and overpowering, and the meat too dry for fancy. The next dish was therefore a delight as the Fish Head steamed with Bean Paste was fresh and the gravy an ideal for white rice to go with.

There was also plenty of fish meat to go around a table of 6, dispelling the belief that fish head are all bones and no flesh. Surprisingly, we rounded off the lunch with a more Teochew than Cantonese sinful dessert (due to the excessive usage of oil in frying the taro) also known as Oh Nee or Taro (Yam) Paste Pudding.

Although it lacked the gingko nuts, the dessert was still acceptable although abit oilier and sweeter would have been ideal. Other dishes that I would recommend but didn’t tried that day are the Steam Soon Hock Fish in Cantonese style and the Steam Chicken with Chinese Bacon.

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Total: 15.5/20 (Warning: Can be crowded during weekends)
24-26 Murray Terrace

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