03 October, 2006

Bangkok II Day Two (III)

SPOILER: For the First Time, I have Decided to Blog Nothing on Food!

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After pampering ourselves with a luxurious dinner, we headed back to our hotel. Those who know Asia Hotel will know that besides having the famous Thai retail store at the lobby, NaRaYa, that sells bag, they also have something naughty in store at the basement of the hotel - Calypso Cabaret.

My travel agent manages to get us the front row for the show and my friend manage to get an experience of a lifetime, Ha-Ha!!! For those who are really ignorant, these cabarets feature what the Thais known as “lady-boys”, or men who go under the knife to become woman – and you will be amaze by how lady these man are, that could certainly put some woman into shame!!!

Opening Act

Hawaiian Setting... look how slim 'she' is

From the photo, you will come to realise how close they are to me

This character was the one who sat on my friend's lap... Ha-Ha!

3 Marilyn Monroe...and their up-skirts... Hee-Hee

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