24 December, 2006

En @ MS


Small Talk: Another HAPPENING Saturday evening, and this time it was a dinner with an old friend whom has just returned from Sydney and a birthday celebration for Des @ the newly opened - The Clinic @ The Cannery, along with the rest of the gang.

Happy Birthday Des and hope you had a BLAST!!!

Never had a Japanese Restaurant that I have been to, warrant a 3rd visit from me within a space of two months, but this rule simply did not apply to En Japanese Dining Bar.

Introduced by my manager (whom is very particular about what she eats), I was pleasantly elated to find that not only was the food outstanding, the price is sound as well. Situated at UE Square, facing the now awfully hushed Mohammed Sultan Road, En Japanese Dining Bar is a also a fav among the diminutive but surely growing Japanese community, in the River Valley area.

Known for its little dishes of appetiser and starters rather than the main dishes, customers are spoilt for choice with the amount of dishes they can choose from the menu. While waiting for the rest to arrive,

a friend and I had some Kawaebi (Deep Fried Small River Shrimps) to go with our Hakkaisan (Honjouzou) – Medium Dry, Well Balanced Sake.

Dinner then proceed with our first starter of the day – Beef Carpaccio, or Thinly Sliced Raw Beef and Sliced Onion with Sour Soya Sauce.

Along with just a dash of lemon juice, the beef is juicy and melts the moment it touches your mouth (a result from the freshness of the meat), leaving you to crave for more when you are done with it. Thankfully, the Sashimi did not disappoint us when it arrived. The Kanpachi (Yellow Tail), Mekajiki (Sword Fish) and Salmon Belly was just as fresh and the thickness of each slice – perfectly cut.

More Sashimi came along, but this time in the disguise of Imaiyu Salad, or the Fresh Sashimi Salad with Special Blended Vegetable Dressing.

Cubes of raw meat act as a perfect complement to the vegetables, and along with the appetising salad dressing, this dish is a hit with both the carnivores and the herbivores. And when the cooked food finally arrives, the Roasted Minced Chicken Balls on a Skewer Laced with Egg Yolk has a sweet aroma which lingers in the air even after that satisfying bite.

However, one may find the texture of questionable due to the bits of tendons within the minced meat. The only staple we had for the night was another perfectly executed Unagi Fried Rice, or Eel and Egg Fried Rice.

The natural juices oozing out from the Grilled Eel somehow goes harmoniously well with the rice, making it enjoyable to consume and a perfect dish to share among a table of 4. To round of the lovely night, we had Black Sesame Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste.

Not a big fan of both flavours, I was somehow charmed to find that the Green Tea Ice Cream, with a hint of bitterness, goes astonishingly well with the Red Bean Paste.


Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Total: 17.5/20
207 River Valley Road,
#01-57, UE Square
Singapore 238275

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Dreamer said...

Can you please state what's the price range for this restaurant?

His Food Blog said...

Hi dreamer,

Nice of you to drop by. The price range is between $30-50 depending on what you order and that excludes the sake.

I suggest you gather a few friends and share some of the dishes as some of their serving can be quite big for two and therefore you might not end up trying that many dishes.


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