17 December, 2006


Just came back after having a blast at a Single’s Party (read: Oh yes, I am single and ready to date). Nice music and great people, along with fantastic food. Strangely enough, it was Tony that I was really interested to talk to (read: I am not gay!!!) when I found out that he’s attending a culinary course at the Academy at-sunrise over at Fort Canning and I was really interested to find out more from him (btw, his rice paper roll was wonderfully delicious). I am seriously contemplating to take up a culinary course just to fulfil my childhood dream – food business!!! And I am happy to discover that there are other alternatives besides Shatec that people like me, can turn to, to master the art of culinary.

On a separate note, I was unpacking my stuff from the boxes after the paint job and I realised I still need 2 more types of Absolut Vodka to complete my set. Anyone has any idea how I can get hold of Absolut Peppar or the Absolut Vodka Red (Read: 50% alc/vol)? It would definitely act as a wonderful Christmas Gift this year!

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