21 January, 2007

New Year, New Rating

The old has gone, the new has come. What a better way to usher in the New Year than to revamp the new rating system on my food blog. And what better way to label them other than the phrases that we, Singaporeans, are familiar with. Starting from those that fall below 10, they go down under the category of “Cannot Make It”.

You can try as hard, but the difference in yardstick is so apparent that you can never catch up with the rest in the industry. For those from 10 – 12.5, there is nothing fantastic to holler about. Nonchalant Singaporeans will simply put it as “So-So Lor” – or no comments kind of remark.

Of course, since Singaporeans are never easily satisfied, but yet when they do not wish to sound too difficult, you can always catch them saying “Ok La! Not Bad”,

but we all know there is room improvement – this category is created for those that falls under 13 – 15. Of course, when Singaporeans enjoy something they really like, the very one word you can find them exclaiming would be “Shiok”.

This is especially for those that fall under 15.5 – 17.5. However, when they found something really worth crying out for, the no-hold barred statement would simply be “Si Bei Song Ah” – a delightful yell that is only fit for those that falls within 18 to 20.

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