16 January, 2007

Service with a Frown

Last Saturday, took me back to En Japanese Dinning (Yes I know, I am getting predictable, but I will never shy away from good food). The food was okay alright but surprisingly, it was a comedy of errors when it came to their service that night – the 1st though in my 4 outings. It started with the person taking my phone reservation that I will be given a table outside; only to be assigned a table inside the restaurant upon arrival. You see, En has an open concept kitchen and the smoke from its Okinawa grilled cuisine doesn’t go very well with me. Next, the main dish, Unagi Fried Rice, was served before the appetiser, Sashimi and Beef Carpaccio. Foodies will know that getting the order of your meals mixed up is an absolute misdemeanour in F&B. And when specifically ask for warm sake to go with my meals, I was recommended the house pour, only to be told that it is only served cold upon arrival of the wine. Also, the salad we ordered didn’t come with a spoon to scoop the veggies as well. Lastly, 2 dishes that we didn’t order were presented to our table.

And just when you thought it was over, after dinner activities took us to St. James PowerStation and service was obviously lacking too when we were at Movida – the service staffs was rude and came up to us a couple of times to shoo us off from the counter where we were ordering our drinks, and it took a good 30 mins and me standing at the counter staring at them before my drinks came. Considering that she wanted to served me a half-spilled drink (which I refuse to accept) that turned out wrong (I ordered a Martini Bianco with 7-up but was served a Sweet Martini Neat instead), I am happy to announce that St. James has just lost me as a patron forever, unless serious training is being conducted to their staffs. The only positive thing out of the whole night was that I were able to catch a 7-mth “getai” performance in the mid of January of 2007 at Dragonfly.

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