08 April, 2007

Made from Hong Kong


I had lunch at Victor's Kitchen on Saturday and tried a few more dishes that was not mentioned in my last post. A pity that I did not take any photos though.

The Deep Fried Spring Roll was simply awesome! Freshly fried and thus crispy and burning hot, every bite gives you a crunching sensation. Although I would prefer it to come with some sweet sauce rather than the vinegar dip that comes with the dish.

The Phoenix Porridge, or Century Egg and Chicken Porridge was also very yummy. Not starchy unlike most congee, the porridge was easy for the throat to slurp down. Indgredients were also generous with huge chunks of century egg and big pieces of chicken strips. However the only drawback is that you would have to finish it as soon as possible or it would start to turn watery.

Saving the best for the most deserved would be Milky Custard Bun. The dough is soft and fluffy and the egg custard was sweet and runny. What gave it the "Oomph" was the delightful salted egg yolk in the midst of it. A simply fab combination!

After reading and hearing so much raving reviews about this dim sum place, I am surprised to realise that it is located near my workplace. Situated at ground level of Sunshine Plaza (Not to be mistaken for Sun Plaza at Sembawang MRT), this outlet is tiny compared to all other grand Chinese restaurant we are familiar with.

It is at the corner of this mall that you will find Victor’s Kitchen. Having numerous experiences as a dim sum chef, Victor and his wife moved to Singapore from Hong Kong since last year.

Because of the limited tables available, make sure you come early if you do not wish to wait too long for a table during weekday’s lunch, or a weekend brunch. For the price I was paying, I was blown away by the sheer number of quality items they served.

For the Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce, I would prefer whole black beans be used to bring out more flavour instead of bits of it, but nevertheless, it was very tender and tasty still. The Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai was also incredible.

The skin is soft and the size is just right - any bigger and it would be too filling. The Char Siew Cheong Fun was simply delicious.

The rice roll is smooth, and texture so soft. To top it off, the Zha Leong (Doughstick wrap in rice roll) version was even better.

With one bite, you have yin of the smooth rice roll, and the yang of the crispy doughstick - the combination was simply unbelievable. Without a doubt, the one item that a diner never fails to order during dim sum would be that of Har Kau, or the prawn dumpling. At Victor’s Kitchen, the Victor’s King Prawn Dumpling is known as his specialty.

The huge prawns were juicy and the skin of the dumpling soft - yet does not fall off easily (unlike many I have experienced that falls off, the moment I picked them off from the steamer). The other laudable mention is the Chicken and Sausage in Glutinous Rice.

The rice is so fragrant and soft, and I simply find the ingredients irresistible – from the tender chicken chunks, to the Chinese sausages, to the juicy mushrooms and the tasty salted egg yolk. If you are a dim sum fan, you would know what I mean when I say that you would never get such a high quality dim sum for such a price.

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Price: 5/5

Total: 15.5/20
91 Bencoolen Street,
Sunshine Plaza, #01-21
Singapore 189652

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Anonymous said...

All I can is that they have one of the best XO sauce carrot cake!

His Food Blog said...

Hello! Yes, I have since been back 3 times and have since tried the carrot cake after hearing so much about it. However, I felt that the texture is abit too soft for my liking, but the aroma from the XO sauce is really good.

Yvonne said...

Is this buffet style? Cos i've been trying to find one that is in buffet style. Thanks!

His Food Blog said...

Hi Yvonne,

Nope. Victor's Kitchen is ala carte.

kelly said...

Thanks for the great review and that Sunshine Plaza is not Sunshine Plaza! :)

P.S. Come add your Twitter name on my blog too! Luckily I auto-follow until I get my Twitter password reset problem solved.

His Food Blog said...

Thanks Kelly!

And followed you on Twitter :D

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