27 August, 2006

You Gain Some, You Lose Some


Small Talk: I have been making use of the ADIDAS gym bag and my NIKE workout towel!!! Feels good to be exercising...hopefully i will lose weight soon... so that i can eat more...whahaha!!!

In life you win some, you lose some. This year in particularly, I lose something really cherished to me, almost irreplaceable, but despite that, I gain in other ways. I found myself a job, I make a few good friends along the way, and I tried a great deal amount of food, which I never had the chance to sample before. For my birthday this year, I had the opportunity to sample two of such places which I had always wanted to visit. Tucked at the corner along Bukit Timah Road, before 6th Avenue, is Corduroy & Finch.

Although it’s chic décor and cosmopolitan furnish gave one the perfect ambience to dine in, I personally felt that the food we had that night didn’t quite live up to the reputation it has been generating.

The complimentary appetiser that were served was rather tasty but cold,

the mushroom linguine I had was delicious but too cheesy,

my friend’s serving of chicken breast sandwich was pretty modest, in terms of the serving in the meat, but the chicken breast for main that my other friend had was rather tender though I must say.

We topped off that night with my slice of birthday cake – a cheese cake from Marriot Hotel.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Total: 13/20

779 Bukit Timah Road
269758 [CLOSED]

The second place that I have been eyeing ever since I spotted it was another chic Japanese restaurant at Wheelock Place called Sun with Moon Dining & Café.

Since the friend I was with, used to work there as temp, I took the liberty to ask my friend to introduce some specialty dishes, and my friend sure didn’t disappoint me. First up was the Kani Tamago Toji, or Crab meat & Spinach, Egg Hot Plate.

I am a sucker for hot steaming dishes, and this dish was excellent not only in terms of taste, but also the strong flavour of the crab, which I suspect is the legs of the famous Hokkaido Crab. Next up is also another excellent dish of Salmon and Avocado Sushi, topped with Salmon Roe.

Salmon and Avocado is really a great combination and the Roe of the salmon give it a nice salty twist at the end. We have the Yakiniku Kamameshi next, or Fried Beef Slices with Raw Egg on rice. A dish that the place is famous for.

This dish is pretty intriguing as it is served with an hourglass to act as a timer for the seasoning to seep through the rice.

Maybe we left it too long, but the rice was too starchy for my liking, although the beef slices were a nice complement to the rice. The last main we had was the Tontoru Yaki, or the Grilled Pork Cheek Slices with Black Pepper.

Although one of the toughest portion of the pig, this meat dish served was not tough at all. With its meat grilled to perfection, squeezed some lemon, and you will have the same verdict as me on this dish – EXCELLENT!!! To round up the night, we had the tofu cheesecake, served in a mini birdcage with a folded bird that comes along with it.

The cake is smooth and not so sweet, just perfect for my liking, however I was told a cake in whole, to takeaway cost a cool 80 bucks.

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Total: 16/20
501 Orchard Road
#03-15 Wheelock Place

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