24 September, 2007

Living to Standards of the Mainstream

There are often times in life when you try so hard but people around you don’t appreciate. People often expect perfection from others and demand standards only best known to themselves. However, in my opinion - it’s the simple things in life that truly satisfies even though it might differ from the mainstream!

Over at Ohsho, you get to indulge in simple Japanese-fusion fare and I was overwhelmed. We tried the Tori-Kara-age, or the Japanese Deep-Fried Chicken, and boy was it good! A wrench of the lemon and you have the perfect combination of sour, salty, crispy and intense flavour of the chicken with each greasy bite – served fresh when ordered.

Added chunky delights came in the form of Funky Potato – a dish of Tori-Kara-age with Crinkle Cut Fries dose in Chilli Sauce, although I would have to add that this dish reminded me more of my good old primary school days than a Japanese fare.

We also ordered a serving of Chahan, or the Japanese Fried Rice. Of course, we all know that the difference between the Japanese version and its Chinese cousin lies in its grain. Japanese grain tends to be shorter and the rice – stickier, and therefore the art to cook it well lies in the emulsion process - the combination of eggs first emulsifying together with the oil in the pan, and then adding the rice later into the semi-cooked eggs, created the best tasting sensation.

And I have to say they did a pretty good rendition of it. The Wok Hei flavour was captured in the dish, but the dish could do even better with another dash of salt. Lastly, the Gyoza was also delectable. The skins are so different from the mainstream ones where it's all thick and starchy!

Although Yaki-Gyoza, or pan-fried preparation method is usually first fried on one flat side, creating a crispy skin, then, stock is added and the pan sealed with a lid, until the upper part of Gyoza is steamed, Ohsho’s version seemed to be a little too dry. However, the fact that the Gyoza’s skin is so well pan-fried makes up for it.


Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Total: 14/20
#01-10 Cuppage Plaza
5 Koek Road
Singapore 228796

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Miss Tam Chiak said...

haha, yes yes! the chilli french fries is more like what we eat in primary school. wow, they sold it in a jap eating place. hw is it? any difference?

His Food Blog said...

Hey! Nice to see you dropping by again. As for the fries, it tasted normal except if you really wanna compare - it is served hot, whereby the school canteen is usually served cold - heh! Nothing fantastic about it (I mean, how wrong can you go with this dish?!?) but really, as I put it, just a plain simple dish that everyone still enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I think the price is kind of costly for the type of ambience it offers

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