09 December, 2007

HV Special 1 of 4 - Aburiya

Aww… just like my second home, Holland Village has always been my favourite hangout place. From the posh restaurants, to nice chill-out coffee joints, hawker food to pubs for a drink or two, this little bohemian enclave is the perfect setting to catch up with your friends and spend a day away. Tucked away at Lorong Liput, the quiet corner of HV is Aburiya – a Japanese Charcoal BBQ restaurant.

If you happen to grace past their other branch at Robertson Quay, you would notice how pack that outlet is and the tantalising smell of grilled meat.

But over at HV, you would observe the immediate difference – and that’s what I love this place for – we went there on a Friday, and it was not packed at 7pm. We opted for the tables outside the restaurant (open-air under a canvas shelter) for obvious reasons – as we do not wish to end up smelling like the meat by sitting inside. We ordered the set that consisting of Beef, Chicken and Prawns.

In addition, the set also comes with a Shitake Mushrooms, Kimchi, Salad in Japanese Sesame Dressing, as well as Stewed Beef with Carrots and Potatoes.

Special mention to the Stewed Beef, as the meat is so tender and so flavoursome, a perfect complement to the Sticky Japanese Steam Rice.

Oh, I also loved the Wasamayo dipping sauce for the chicken so much that I was dipping the rest of my items into it.

Sensing that the set is not enough for 5 people, we also ordered everyone’s favourite – Salmon. A pity that the serving was pretty small because it was snatch up the moment the fish was done cooking.

We also ordered the Assorted Vegetables that consist of Capsicum, Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, Corn and Garlic.

But the highlight of the night definitely belongs to the Beef Tongue.

We tried both the normal and premium versions and definitely the Jo Tan Shio, or the Premium Beef Tongue justifies its price tag. It was served in much bigger slice and the texture is much chewier. The marbling bite is just so juicy and heavenly and that alone would justify the reason why I would come back to this place.

I really have to say that all the ingredients were fresh and delightful that night, perfect BBQ food to wash down with Asahi Draft Beer.

The night was wrapped up with servings of Black Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream – not the best I have tasted but nevertheless a fitting ending.


Food: 5/5 (Fresh!)
Service: 4/5 (Service staffs were friendly and accomodating)
Ambience: 3/5
Price: 4/5 (Reasonable considering the quality and freshness of food)
Total: 16/20
17E Lorong Liput
Singapore 277731

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Am interested in checking this place out for my birthday. How much is a wagyu steak? Do they open for lunch? Thanks for the review! Great job. (:

His Food Blog said...

Hi.. thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I have not tried the wagyu beef, but I do know that their wagyu short ribs are pretty excellent. I would also highly recommend the Jo Tan Shio for the more adventurous.

Also they are not open for lunch.
Operating hours is as follows
Mon-Fri: 6pm-11.30pm;
Sat: 5.30pm-11.30pm;
Sun: 5.30pm-10.30pm

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i just visited this place after seeing your recommendations 2 weeks ago. It was totally worth it for first timers. Thanks!

His Food Blog said...

Hi Tofu,

I am glad that you enjoy your dinner there. It is always heartening to hear someone mentioned that my recommendation is worth it.

Btw, thanks for dropping by and thank you for supporting this humble site. :)

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