12 December, 2007

HV Special 2 of 4 - Yi Bao

What used to be called Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant in a coffeeshop, is now air-conditioned and renamed as Yi Bao. The used-to-be queue and order system has also been upgraded to a serviced system restaurant.

I remembered hordes of people used to queue up at the counter before the revamp on a Sunday afternoon, as families would gather there for lunches. However, when I visited them on a late Sunday morning, the crowd was not to be seen. Being a noodle stall, people would not usually associate it with the authentic chicken it served.

However, as it dishes out its famous Ipoh Hor Fun, you will come to realise it produces a mean piece of chicken (Remember to order the Chopped Chicken version instead of the Chicken Slices version usually served in hawker centre). The chicken is always served cool so that the skin is firm and there is that layer of gelatin just under the skin. I assumed it was dipped into a bucket of cold water before served, just like how Tian Tian Chicken Rice @ Maxwell Food Centre does it. What I also like about the Hor Fun is that it comes in thin version – similar to those I had when I was in Ipoh earlier this year.

However, I did find the oyster gravy too starchy for my liking. So if you happen to be around the corner do give the chicken a try! I’ll bet you anything that it tastes better than Wee Nam Kee’s.


Food: 3.5/5 (Chicken is very good but gravy failed)
Service: 2.5/5 (The PRC service staffs are pretty rude)
Ambience: 3/5 (Preferred the old nostalgic coffeeshop setting)
Price: 3/5
Total: 12/20
31 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277742

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xxoos said...

i passed by this place two days ago, didn're realised it was a revamped stall, thought it was a brand new stall. the new one felt too white and sanitised that it lost the homely feeling of before. wonder if this got to do with the lack of customers... hehe...

His Food Blog said...

Hi Joan! Yeah I agree, personally I am a sucker for old nostalgic coffeeshop setting. Somehow the food just taste better and the service more personal...

mimosa.shy said...

Same sentiments. The last time I ate there was pre-renovation. Don't really feel "right" with the modern look leh =) Good memories of the "gai see" hor fun / thin noodles though

His Food Blog said...

Hi Mimosa,

Yeah. I am a sucker for all things old school and nostalgic. ;)

Hmm.. personally I prefer the chopped chicken with the layer of gelatin under the skin as compared to the "gai see" - comes with better bite if cos! Unfortunately, the standard of hor fun has gone down the drain over the years.

Anonymous said...

it's quite ironic that in the shop they have this sign "Remember Old Ipoh in new tasty ways"

The noodle standard drops big time, it is no longer that nice as when they were 10-20 years ago (I have been patronizing since 1970s until early this year)

If the management/boss of this stall is reading, please bring back the original taste of the chicken noodle, and not just putting it as a lip service!

His Food Blog said...

Hi zen,

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.

I am no longer there for their hor fun or noodles, but simply for their steamed chicken if I pay them a visit.

And I have to add - I miss the old coffeeshop setting.

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