21 December, 2007

HV Special 3 of 4 - Marmalade Pantry


Small Talk: Peeps!! Sorry for the lack of updates as I have just returned from Morocco for a business meeting, and will be heading to Hong Kong for holidays in a few hours. The scenery is amazing in Morocco and I will be posting pix of the trips real soon... so stay tuned after Christmas!

Labelled as the chic, elegant bistro-dining place essential for ladies (or Tai Tais) to meet, the Marmalade Group opens its 3rd branch (after Palais Renaissance & Hitachi Tower) of Marmalade Pantry at Holland Village.

Located right next to Aburiya along Lorong Liput, this outlet features the same modern interior design (in white furnishing this time) as the rest of the other two outlets.

We were there for their dessert after our brunch and we promptly decided on the Chocolate Deluxe Cupcake and Cherry Crumble Tart.

As I wanted something sweet and chocolaty that day, the cupcake certainly lives up to its tag of “The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake”. However, perhaps it is an inexperienced me eating a cupcake for the first time, but I do find the cupcake slightly hard – perhaps someone can educate me on it’s supposedly texture.

The Cherry Crumble Tart however is a fine piece of art. Full of cherry flavour and soft in its texture, the taste did not come off to sweet either.

Service was prompt and staff were pretty friendly, but it does comes off a bit noisy to be called a perfect Sunday brunch experience.


Food: 4/5 (Good desserts)
Service: 4/5 (Service staffs were friendly)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Chic modern design, but slightly noisy)
Price: 3/5
Total: 14.5/20
17D Lorong Liput
Singapore 277731 [CLOSED]


Anonymous said...

No comments....but nice pics thou..heehee

Anonymous said...

Was so happy to discover marmalade in HV. Try their toffee red dates pudding (I think that's the name..) Pure Happiness!

Merry Christmas! ty

His Food Blog said...

Merry Christmas!! Hohoho... I just came back from HK and boy do I have more photos to share with you people... and yesh... I have heard so much about their red dates pudding and its on my 'must try' list on my next visit.

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