31 January, 2008

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant

If you have not read this, I am not a big fan of buffet. This is especially so after my last trip to Ikoi did not impress me much. However, since my friend suggested Hanabi @ King’s Arcade, a direct competitor to Ikoi, we make a reservation for dinner on a Saturday evening.

When we arrived, it was fully packed – not a place conducive for conversations over dinner. However, with over 100 items to choose from, patrons will definitely be spoilt for choice.

We started with the Sashimi, and it was excellent. It was fresh and the serving was generous – definitely bettered that of Ikoi’s – no wonder another friend of mine has been urging me to visit them for their sashimi.

The Mixed Tempura was also of pretty good standard. I like for the fact that it is thinly coated with flour and served piping hot – it is simply enjoyable to consume them.

However, the Sushi Handroll could definitely be better. I totally despise seaweed used for sushi not being crispy – an indication that it is not fresh and has been left in the open for too long – no matter how good the ingredients are inside the sushi, mushy seaweed just does not cut it.

We also tried a few more dishes along the way, which however is too troublesome for review – so here are some of the other photos taken that night for your viewing pleasure.


Chicken Karaage

Agedashi Tofu

Chicken Tonkatsu


Kushi Mori - Shishamo and Mushroom

California Matroll

Overall, Hanabi is ideal for non-fussy Singaporeans who delight themselves in Japanese cuisine. With a wide menu range, this restaurant certainly appeals to them with the quality of food – in my opinion, definitely a better bet than Ikoi. Service was found wanting at times especially when it comes to topping up of tea and taking orders. Service staffs are mainly non-Singaporeans so communication could also prove challenging at times.


Food: 3.5/5 (Decent spread, wide menu range)
Service: 3/5 (Found wanting at times)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Laid back decor, decent furbishing)
Price: 3.5/5 (Pretty value for money)
Total: 13/20
559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03, King's Arcade
Singapore 269695

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Anonymous said...

juz wondering..how much did it cost?

His Food Blog said...

It is 30+++ which adds up to roughly $35

Anonymous said...

Great place to dine. small but nonetheless satisfying. quantity over quality is the winner at Hanabi. =)

His Food Blog said...

Hi Julie,

I would dare say its much bigger than Ikoi, though still as noisy... but was one of the more enjoyable ala carte buffet I had definitely. It terms of quality of food, I think they maintain a pretty good standard in most of their dishes (although it cannot compared to the non-buffet jap restaurant).

Anonymous said...

I went to the bt timah branch for lunch once and since it was a treat hence i didnt notice the price haha! well theres a wide variety of food served but somehow i dont feel appetised.

His Food Blog said...

Hi anon,

A pity, since my experience in the beginning of the yr wasn't too bad. However, not sure how their standard is now.

Miso said...

I just came back from buffet at Hababi. Felt that the food served are quite ordinary although there are close to 100 dishes to choose from. They had a good selection of ramen, don... but for buffet, don't think pple would want to order these high carbo stuff. The buffet does not include any desserts. I prefer Nihon Musa at at Ehub. Only $22+++ and they also served better food like scallops and also a variety of desserts.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Miso,

Nice blog you have there - added you on my list :D.

For the price, their menu is pretty extensive. But may I stress that not every item is good. The woe of eating buffet - I rest my case. Heh!

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