14 January, 2008

Lunch @ Wild Rocket

Willin Low, owner and a lawyer-turned-chef, firmly believes that the real purpose of cooking is to make people happy, and opening a bistro tucked away in a quaint trendy corner is his dream. And this dream was realised in early 2005, when a friend convinced him to take a look at the Hangout Hotel nestled in the quiet enclave of Mt Emily Park.

Being located in District 9 but nestled on a hill away from Orchard Road nearby gives Wild Rocket the advantage of being accessible yet far away from it all. But most importantly, Wild Rocket serves what Will and his friends like to eat - basic, fuss-free cooking – simple good food with the best ingredients possible. The meal was kick-started with the complementary bread. Despite being served warm, I felt that the serving was pathetic, and also the lack of Balsamic Vinaigrette to the olive oil dip, disappointing.

I opted for the Salmon Carpaccio with Wasabi Sauce & Ebiko for my starter and I was impressed – the fish was lovely sliced into thin sheets and goes well with the Mayonnaises Sauce, but what I found absent was the lack of wasabi flavour which was pretty much non-existence in this dish.

Having heard so much about it, I naturally choose its signature Wild Rocket Burger with Sun-Dried Tomato Relish as my main dish and boy was I sold. The Beef Patty was excellent – nicely mashed and chopped up, the texture was just right and what’s more it was enormous! Moreover, the sun-dried tomato relish complemented perfectly with the beef – producing a harmonise flavour of salty, sweet and sour all in one bite.

For dessert, I selected the Vanilla Ice Cream with Roasted Black Sesame Sauce – highly recommended by one of my colleagues – and once again, I was amazed by how such a simple combination could produce an excellent dessert. The texture of the sesame sauce was finely grind and produces an amazing flavour, and it was not too sweet which goes extremely well with the vanilla ice cream.

Overall, I will highly recommend this venue for a business lunch.


Food: 4/5 (Every dish was very good, but there is room for improvement)
Service: 4.5/5 (Very friendly and accommodating staffs)
Ambience: 5/5 (Nice environment and quiet - perfect for dates)
Price: 4.5/5 ($30 for excellent business lunch is affordable)
Total: 18/20
Hangout Hotel,
10A Upper Wilkie Road
Singapore 228119

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Anonymous said...

I thought the food at Wild Rocket was pretty unmemorable. Maybe because I was expecting too much after reading its reviews...or maybe because i ordered the wrong dishes (which i can't even remember what...:P) - ty

His Food Blog said...

I reckon it depends on what dishes you ordered that night. I would tend to go on a safe side usually on my first visit - which explains why I chose their burger, which has won rave reviews for it. But overall, I thought they did very well in terms of ambience, service and price as well.

Anonymous said...

nice, i went to wild rocket before too, but then i only had desserts there, haven got the chance to try their mains.

will be going back soon : )

His Food Blog said...

Oh you should definitely try it!!!

I can't wait to try the other mains available in the set menu. Absolutely fell in love with that place! Oh can't wait to chill @ Wild Oats and savoured the burgers @ Relish. I think Will is doing a very good job with his establishments :)

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