27 January, 2008

YY Kafei Dian - Buns to crave for

I always have a fixation for things nostalgic. Perhaps it was the way I grew up where quaint kopitiams flourishes, and a notion that food courts serve sucky food for pampered people who do not know their food any better. It was no wonder why I am so excited when I discovered YY Kafei Dian – known for their Hainanese cuisine.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice was good by any standard. The rice seems a tad yellowish, probably from the chicken oil - pretty fragrant but could be tastier. The chicken though was of good texture. It was cooked in such a way that there is a nice layer of gelatine under the skin – and this could only be achieved by dipping the whole chicken into a pail of ice water prior to serving – as such, some may tend to find the chicken too cold for consumption.

The other favourite dish among the office crowd was the Char Siew Wanton Noodles. The noodle was tangy and ingredients were generous, but above that, there is nothing noteworthy to mention.

However, what YY Kafei Dian is probably most famous for is their Soft Kaya Buns. The buns are baked and toasted on the premises, and no one could ever dispute the fact that the texture of the bun is amazing – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Although I felt that Killiney’s kaya and butter combination is better, one should definitely try their peanut butter version, along with a cup of aromatic Hainanese Coffee...awwww!!!


Food: 4/5 (Consistent standard of food)
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5 (Sucker for
nostalgic setting)
Price: 3.5/5 (Slightly costly)
Total: 15.5/20
37 Beach Road
#01-01, Formerly Shang Onn Hotel
Singapore 189678

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Anonymous said...

i love their bun too! will go there for 2 half-boiled eggs, 1 bun (or try to squeeze 2) N kopiO. that's the most wonderful breakfast to start my day! beats ya-kun's toast anytime :P

His Food Blog said...

Hi tequila,

I agree. Nothing beats a good o'traditional breakfast of eggs and kopi (or hot milo for me)!

Sorry to say this but I am not a fan of ya-kun too. Killiney and YY is way better!

Anonymous said...

hhaa.. neither am i a fan of ya-kun. but sad to say killiney's standard varies among the outlets. any recommendation?

His Food Blog said...

Yep. I have to agree not sure whether they are franchise but the standards do vary.

If I really crave for it, I would then head down to the one at, where else, but Killiney Road. However, that is not before I had my beef rendang fix at Warung M. Nasir situated next to it - slightly pricey but good stuff!

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