25 February, 2008

Da Paolo's Pizza Bar - Italian Pizza At It's Best!

For me, there is nothing more Italian than a piping hot & thin crusty slice of pizza. At Da Paolo, you find a stylish Pizza Bar like no other – with its long strip of dappled brown and white cow hide running along the ceiling and down one wall, bronze panels, a wall of wine-bottles and a stylish glass kitchen – Da Paolo’s choice of location for the Pizza Bar was premeditated – the bohemian status of Chip Bee Gardens lends itself to the Pizza Bar’s concept of providing a friendly and inspired environment to dine and wine. The Pizza Bar pursues closely to Da Paolo trademark cooking that is using fresh ingredients to elicit the taste. Ingredients to make the pizza dough are sourced directly from Italy and toppings are made from fresh ingredients only.

For starters, we decided on the Insalata di Spinaci con Avocado, Gamberetti e Mango, or Baby Spinach with Avocado, Shrimps and Mango Salad. A refreshing salad that comes with generous ingredients, this is a fine starter that really rouse the appetite for the mains – the savoury prawns along with the sweet and sourish mango and rich avocado really open up our palates for the mains.

For the pizzas, we chose two tomato-based pizzas – the first being Pizza Salmone, Funghi e Pesto, or the Pizza with Tomato, Mozzarella, Smoked Salmon, Mushrooms and Pesto. The Smoked Salmon was really fresh and full of flavour and we really liked the addition of the mushrooms – the chewy bite of the shrooms adds a new twist to this dish.

For the second – Pizza Rucola, Prosciutto e Scaglie di Parmigiano, or Pizza with Tomato, Mozzarella, Arugula Leaves, Parma Ham and Shaved Parmesan, the mild bitterness of the Rocket Salad is a perfect harmony with the saltiness of the Parma Ham. It also helps that I am a huge fan of the Arugula with Parmesan.

The thin crusts of both pizzas are also well executed and are definitely one of the best I have eaten in Singapore. And if you think the both of us are ambitious, you might be surprised to know that we managed to clean out a starter and 2 large pizzas in an hour or so. Service was generally attentive and most staffs were friendly except for a particular staff in which we felt was pretty unprofessional in taking orders. He was standing approximately 2 metres away from me and took the orders without writing down – something, which my dining partner felt was pretty rude as well.


Food: 4.5/5 (One of the best pizzas in town)
Service: 4/5 (Generally attentive)
Ambience: 4.5/5 (
Chic and quiet)
Price: 4/5 (Reasonable for the quality you get)
Total: 17/20
44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-46, Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116

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fuzk said...

Ah... Italian pizza. I had the honour of trying a home-made pizza made by an Italian. It's good.

I think the most important aspects of a good pizza are the thin crusts and the fresh ingredients, or at least how I like my pizzas. I don't need gimmicks! *Cough*stuff-crust*Cough*

I realised for price, you put "reasonable for quality". Just a suggestion. Maybe you can give it a ranking according to the actual price itself. E.g. Costly (anything above $100) and Cheap (anything below $10) on top of the current one you have. I mean, I would love to give it a try but at the very least, I need to know how much I would be forking out so that I won't run the risk of not bringing enough money!

Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll go try it out one day... if the price is right. ;)

His Food Blog said...

Hi there again!

I agree with you totally. At Da Paolo's Pizza Bar, that's what you get - thin crust with VERY fresh and good ingredients. You should definitely go try it.

My concept of price for food is very different from the normal concept if you haven't realise. It's not just the amount spent, but it's more towards "value for money" - Quality/Price of food.

Therefore even an expensive but excellent restaurant will get a good rating for this, and Da Paolo falls under this category - because I do not mind paying for good food.

But then again - not all expensive food is good. :) That explains why I love hawker food too!

fuzk said...

Oh definitely. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for good food too.

I'm not saying you scrap your current system, but perhaps add another one.

Like I said, it will serve as a gauge how much to bring or even who to bring. ;)

If I see that it's say.. 100 bucks for 2 at this pizza place and you rate it very well in terms of value for money. I would be tempted to go try too. BUT at very least, I know I can't just go in with $50 and expecting a feast.

Just a suggestion anyways. =)

His Food Blog said...

Hey fuzk!

Thanks for the suggestion. I am in the process of reviewing a new design layout and new features for the blog, and you can be assured that your suggestions will be strongly considered. :)

Anonymous said...


I agree with fuzk that providing prices for the dishes reviewed is a very helpful tool for readers! But harder on the blogger :P

Anyway Da Paolo is definitely value for money. Most pizzas are less than $20 IF I remember correctly. Fabulous, love this place! The calzone is great too!
- ty

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