20 March, 2008

Absolutly Wonderfully

Just touched down not too long ago from a 10-day family holiday to Sydney for my sister’s wedding (photos and food reviews to be uploaded real soon I promise!). And one of the best rewards that came out of this trip was - I have finally completed my compilation of Absolut bottles!

I managed to place an order of Absolut Peppar 1L at one of the local liquor shop in the city and completed the collection by purchasing the Absolut Level in Changi DFS. Here is the elusive one after many months of searching.


Anonymous said...

U're sure an Absolute Absolute fan!! Nice collection!

His Food Blog said...

Yeah! Took me many months of online research to finally get my hands of this elusive bottle of Absolute Peppar! I am just glad that I have found it. :)

The Bimbo said...

haha Congratulations!!!

His Food Blog said...

Hihi! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

great collection! have u ever thought of drinking them? haha

His Food Blog said...

Hi Anon!

To be honest I did drank a couple of them. Looking to get them replaced with unopened ones - if not somehow it just doesn't seem to be complete.

We published another post once I have accomplished that!

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