26 April, 2008

Frolick - Politically Incorrect but Rightfully Yummy

Turned into Holland Village, one would probably missed a minimalist store furnishing decked in whitebut with its colourful slogans and buttons SCREAMING on the exterior walls, one cannot help but stand up and take notice of this new outlet in the vicinity – Frolick. Following right after another icy haven that opened in the surrounding areaCold Rock Ice Creamery, run by savvy young owners, May Chan and Lynn Ong, Frolick opened by Mr John Tan, 25, is essentially pursing the frozen yoghurt route.

At Frolick, customers are given free buttons with naughty slogans with every purchase, with mine suggesting “I Like It Topless”. This politically incorrect theme – an appeal to the now younger and rebellious generation – is also adopted in their various tabletops – “WE STAY HARD LONGER than ice creamand “POP MY CHERRY POP MY CHERRY POP MY CHERRY…” and serving size (Cup A, Cup B, etc). But with all the impishness aside, how does Frolick stand against the only other direct competitor in the market – Yami Yoghurt?

Its texture is definitely smoother and taste more refreshing, compared to Yami Yoghurt, which tends to get rougher and slightly heavier. I also discern that Frolick’s natural flavoured yoghurt is slightly sourer – a good dose to tingle the taste buds, thus will bring a nice complement if you pair it with a sweeter topping.

Food: 4/5 (Smooth and refreshing)
Service: 3/5 (Self-serviced)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Minimum tables available for dine in)
Price: 3/5 (Cup B cost $4.80 with one free topping, plus another $1 for additional topping)
Total: 13.5/20
241 Holland Avenue
#01-02, Holland Village
Singapore 278976

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red fir said...

erm...I don't quite get the part on Island Creamery being mentioned here in this frozen yogurt review. They are of different genres totally. Plus there are many other "icy havens" around.

His Food Blog said...

Oops pardon me, I meant Ice Cold Rock around the same vicinity.

Was rushing this entry out in the middle of the night and my eyes must have failed me. Apologies!

red fir said...

keke i think it's just Cold Rock...no "ice" there...or Cold Rock Ice Creamery. :)

His Food Blog said...

OMG... heh! Can I blame it on lacked of sleep this time round?

Blogging used to be more fun with nobody scrutinising my work! :( Heh. No wonder people are dying over it. Haha!

Thanks for pointing it out anyway!

red fir said...

You're welcome. I guess I just have the knack for pointing out miniscule errors. I prefer "literally correct" things! :D

sori for being so picky. keke.

His Food Blog said...

Hehe! No worries, your pickiness is much appreciate really.

I also do not want to send out the wrong info to my readers and I enjoy the 2-way interaction! It shows that my readers are actually reading what I am writing! It motivates me to write better materials also.

Hope to hear from you more often!

Yvonne said...

I love Frolick!

Anonymous said...

i have tasted Frolick, its not too bad... I still prefer YAMI Yogurt... still the coolest...

His Food Blog said...

hi anon,

Thanks for dropping by. You can try Yoguru and Red Mango as well - new entrants to this yogurt ice cream craze.

Let me know what you think if you have try them!

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