08 April, 2008

Sydney Part 4 - New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

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Winner of Ashfield Municipal Council’s
inaugural “Welcome Shops Awards” for Most Improved Shopfront category, New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant is truly an East meets West restaurant.

Located in Ashfield, a suburb in the inner-west Sydney, its population differed markedly from the national figures was in its ethnic diversity - just 40% of Ashfield residents were Australian-born with 14.5% born in China. Thus Ashfield is sometimes referred to as "Little Shanghai" due to the large number of Shanghainese shopkeepers along the suburb's busy business street. My first impression as I stepped into the place wasn’t all pleasant – it was noisy and littered with people and what’s worse was the reek of greasiness in the air, coupled by the fact that there was hardly any ventilation, as the sliding doors were closed for air-conditioning.

However, things started to look better when the Steamed Dumplings arrived. It was served warm with hot broth squirming out from it when you sink your teeth, and the meat was marinated though slightly on the salty side and I tend to find it somewhat oily.

I do also realise that Australian pork tend to taste and smell slightly stronger which may turn some people off. And so if you think that was bad, it turned for the worse when my dad adventurously ordered the Sliced Steamed Pork Belly. The taste of the meat for this dish was so overpowering that I had a bite and gave up on it – though I had to comment that it was well prepared as the meat was very tender – thus the problem lies with the meat and not the chef (I have since confirmed with many others who also find the pork in Australia smells and taste stronger).

The Fried Spring Onion Pancakes, Chinese version of our Roti Prata, was well fried to golden brown and one can definitely taste the flavour of the spring onion in it.

However most of us think that the pancake is slightly too thick to get through – a thinner version would definitely make the pancakes crispier and tastier.

Food: 3/5 (Can be better)

Service: 4/5 (Fast and efficient)

Ambience: 2.5/5 (Simple, but noisy and stuffy)

Price: 3.5/5 (Affordable)

Total: 13/20

273 Liverpool Road
Ashfield NSW 2131

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Anonymous said...

Australian pig farmers, for example, have been modifying the feed to produce a more palatable pork for local consumers.

Ms Quek Huey Ming, the Singapore representative of Australian Pork Limited, an industry body representing Australian pig producers, says: 'Instead of feeding pigs whey powder, which gives the meat a milky taste that Singaporeans don't take well to, they are feeding pigs grains such as barley and soy beans.'

Taken form a article in asiaone, here's the url :

Thats why aussie pork and our own airpork fm aussie smells n taste different. Hope this helps, I was directed here thru ieat forum. Since u were cmplaining abt aussie pork, I will shed some light on this.


His Food Blog said...


Thanks for the information. I am sure it has been educational for many of us here.

If not so, it has at least dispel the myth my mum has always been spreading - that the pigs in Australia are not castrated (YES you heard it right!) that's why they smell different - though I wasn't totally convince on that. Ha! I am sure to tell her this new piece of information.


DesDragon said...

Great Blog..enjoy reading the reviews on great food in Singapore..

Here's mine on Wine...www.winedragon.blogspot.com

Deepak Bista, Adelaide said...

This looks a very nice Chinese restaurant. There are a lot of Nepalese people reside and when I am in Sydney I will definitely try to visit your restaurant. I like chinese food and hisoty behind it.

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