11 June, 2008

Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee - A Makansutra Legend?

A Makansutra Legend that hails from the old Wayang Street hawkers from the 70's, my family and I have been eating at Ah Kow for as long as I can remember. Reckon to be the authentic Teochew Minced Pork & Dumpling Noodle, one who enjoys an extra dash of black vinegar will appreciate their unrestrained use of black vinegar on the noodles that is purportedly a special brand of traditional black vinegar from China.

For a bowl of noodles that costs $3.50 (they have upped their price), the portion of noodles is paltry. Not as Q as I can remember, the noodles that day were average if not for the saving grace of the black vinegar that was not overwhelming, the slice of Ti Po (Crispy Fried Sole Fish) and the free helping of Crispy Pork Lard – that was fresh and crunchy.

And for an additional of $4, one can delight in the bowl of Teochew Keows (Dumplings) that comes with a generous helping of minced pork, slice pork, and my favourite vegetable - Tang O (Garland Chrysanthemum). Sadly, the soup was slightly lacklustre and bland that day, but the dumplings were still as good.

One might noticed that fried sole fish was added to give it an extra oomph. For $4 a bowl, one will get eight big pork filled dumplings.

However overall, I think Ah Kow’s standard has dipped slightly from the numerous times I have tried. One might also find a bowl of $3.50 minced pork noodles (without dumplings) expensive.

Food: 4/5 (Despite the negatives, it is still one of the better Teochew minced pork noodles around)
Service: 3.5/5 (Efficient despite long queue)
Ambience: 2.5/5 (Food Centre - Very humid and crowded during lunch)
Price: 3/5 (Price is affordable but $11 for noodles and dumpling soup is costly)
Total: 13/20
Block 531A Upper Cross Street
, Hong Lim Food Centre
Singapore 510531

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red fir said...

This has got to be my fav BCM store. I like the mee teh mak version. :)

Anonymous said...

Wah, if you determine the score with those criteria, it's very hard to get a high score from you. Cause nice and cheap food surely crowded and dirty one.

His Food Blog said...

ice: Finally we agreed on something. Heh, but honestly I have never try the mee teh mak version. I am usually more unadventurous on this - it's either mee pok or mee kia for BCM.

superman: Not necessary true, if you look under my coffeeshop or hawker tags, you can find quite a number with high score. If fact one dingy curry laksa stall in Ipoh even have the honour of being rated "SI BEI SONG AH!" ;)

HairyBerry said...

this has got to be one of the best bak chor mees i have ever tasted...it's all the black vinegar (and lard, of course), i reckon.

perhaps you should try tai hwa's at crawford lane. slightly heavier in taste. equally orgasmic!

His Food Blog said...

Yep, even though their standard has dropped, they are still one of the better ones in town. Unfortunate actually depending on how you see it.

Haven't tried Tai Hwa, but since I have been hearing so much about it - I reckon its about time I pay them a visit.

red fir said...

Anyway, you'd better make more visits here. There's an article on yesterday's Lifestyle featuring this stall, mentioning his legacy will end soon coz the owner's children doesn't want to continue his business.

Tai Hwa imo is overrated.

His Food Blog said...

Yah man I read about it - so is my fav Nam Sing Hokkien Mee *SOB*. But I already visited Ah Kow 2 Sundays ago for breakfast, Heh! Probably looking to go Nam Sing very soon.

Yah I tried Tai Hwa at Hong Lim - not fantastic - will blog about my experience soon~

red fir said...

Tai Hwa at Hong Lim is not the real thing. It's is the brother's(?) stall I think. The real McCoy's at Crawford Lane, previously at Marina Square. Haha you ate the wrong one. :p

I've tried it before.

His Food Blog said...

It's the the son I think - some young man and and his wife team. Can see he is not as experienced as Ah Kow.

Yah I know but since I was at Hong Lim, I thought I could gave it a try!

Anonymous said...

I have the similar memories of Ellenborough Market as u... Going to the second floor for Ah Kow and Curry Mee, gg to the third floor for Kway Chap and Cheng Tng!! Sigh, so sad that they pulled down that place... My family then followed Ah Kow to High Street and then to Hong Lim. Ah Kow is actually a family friend cuz according to my dad, my granddad used to be their bak chor supplier.

I have not visited him for a quite a while already. Should go back soon. :)

His Food Blog said...

Hi KS,

If my memory dun served me wrongly, the BCM at the second floor of Ellenborough Market is not Ah Kow, but simply known as Tew Chew St. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles - now located at the Chinatown Food Centre.

FYI, the Ah Balling once located at Ellenborough Market can also be found at Chinatown Food Centre. It is still as good although it cost $2.50 for a bowl of 5 now. :(

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