18 June, 2008

Frolick @ Serangoon Gardens

After conquering the hearts of many with their Holland Village outlet, Frolick has moved on to the North - Serangoon Gardens!!!

Just few units away from
Ice3, it holds on to the same theme of white background and bright colourful slogans on one side of their wall and the other decked out with multiple of button pins (Note: 317 to be exact – the same number as the bus that brings one to Gardens – and in case you are wondering, I didn’t count – the girls at the counter did).

With that, Frolick retains the branding of being loud and edgy rolled into one. To recap, an Original Frozen Yogurt cost $3.50 for Cup A, $4.80 for Cup B (+1 topping) & $6.30 for Cup C (+2 toppings) and a Flavoured Frozen Yogurt cost $3.90, $5.30 & $6.90 respectively. Additional assorted toppings go for $1 each.

I ordered the Cup C of the Original Flavoured Yogurt with Granola and Vanilla Clodhoppers, or Crunchy Vanilla Fudge-covered Graham Clusters and it was lovely. The standard of the yogurt is consistent with their flagship outlet and the vanilla clodhoppers were a delightful topping to munch.

Seating is limited but the crowd was thin on a Friday night. And if guys out there haven’t yet noticed, Frolick employs the same policy as Ben & Jerry’s by hiring eye-candy as counter staff – girlfriends beware!

Frolick also has another outlet opening soon in Millienia Walk but I reckon it is not before long that you will find another one in Siglap – just to complete the trio (this is entirely my own conjecture and it does not represent the official statement and position of Frolick).

Food: 4/5 (Smooth and refreshing)
Service: 3/5 (Self-serviced)
Ambience: 4/5 (3 Tables for dine in)
Price: 3/5 ($6.30 with two free topping is affordable)
Total: 14/20
4 Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 557254

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Steve said...

I'm sorry HBF... I just can't get excited about anything frozen when it's 6 degrees outside - and was down to 2 degrees overnight...

How I wish I was somewhere warm so that Frozen Yoghurt would be a welcome sight.

Nicely decked out premises, but.

His Food Blog said...

Oh, its winter in Tasmania yah? How I miss the cold weather in Australia. I miss eating hotpot when its winter!

Oh, but you sure can choose to indulge in frozen yogurt when you are back visiting in Singapore - :)

red fir said...

crunchy vanilla fudge-covered graham clusters defeats the whole purpose of eating healthy. :p

addendum: Frolick at Millenia isn't opened yet!

His Food Blog said...

Haha! Desserts are never meant to be healthy for me - choc, cheese, cream & sugar - but that probably explains why my waistline is getting bigger each passing day *sigh*

Noted. Made my changes :)

Anonymous said...

ah frolicks at holland village didn't have proper shop for seats yeah? but this one got shop eh?

His Food Blog said...

Hey LIC,

The holland v outlet used to have seats, but last saw they took it away.

So yep, this garden outlet come with seats, but only 3 tables.

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