23 June, 2008


Don't you miss their full bodied, creamy & frothy Root Beer Float? The very familiar-looking and unique A&W Root Beer Mugs which we used to "collect"?

What about their curly fries - which beat the rest of the fries from the other fast food chains IMHO.

Will someone ever gonna bring A&W back in Singapore? Will You and I ever get to relive our childhood memories?

All it takes is a bus ride and your passport stamped - I did - and I am a happy boy!

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HairyBerry said...

the butter and syrup waffle is darn good! but depends on which branch you go to in kl..sigh. i'm guessing it's the one in KLCC? hehe...

His Food Blog said...

Hi Nic,

Never try the waffle but the Root Beer Float was AWWWWESOME...!!!

Yepz that's the KLCC outlet - right after I finish my lunch @ Mdm Kwan - just couldn't resist the root beer float!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for being so noob, but how do you get here from Singapore by public transport? thanks!

His Food Blog said...

Hi there,

I travelled to JB via bus service 170 and bought tix from Larkin bus terminal (save me half the cost) to travel up to KL.

Otherwise, I believe you can board a bus from Golden Mile which will take you to KL straight but probably cost you more.

Cant rem how much I paid for it but its not more than S$50 per trip.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info! i've been to larkin before... you just take any bus there, or are there more reliable/safer companies one should choose from? there're so many buses there going to KL!

how long will the journey take?

His Food Blog said...

Welcome back,

No preference on the bus companies but usually I will pay more for the 12/14/16 seater type of bus as they are more "luxurious" and more comfortable.

It should not take more than 5 hours including the toilet breaks as long as you dun arrived in the lunch hours of KL.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

alright... thanks!

Scenes in Singapore life said...

yes, I really miss the A&W at Bukit Timah...just outside the doors of University of Singapore...the frosted mugs with root beer...especially the float. And the superb, superb fried chicken!

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