20 July, 2008

HFB's Virgin Outing


Small talk: One of my readers and his company is organising a charity project - "Colour their Lives". They will be baking cookies @ $15/jar. You can find out more details here.

In addition, HFB will be also be collecting donation during the dinner on their behalf - please support!!!


Dear HFB reader,

Yes, you read it right – HFB is organising his virgin makan outing and he wants YOU, yes you, who are reading this post right now, to be a part of it.

Venue: Tetsu (#03-18 Tanglin Mall)
Date: Friday, 8 August 2008 (Yeah we can celebrate National Day too!!!)
Time: 7.30pm
Price: $40 nett only (No GST, no service charge, etc)

Sashimi Moriawase, Mixed Platter Sashimi
Kami Tofu, or Century Egg with Tofu
Kajiki Tataki, or Seared Swordfish with Special Sauce
Dakonni, or Braised Radish with Special Sauce
Hire Katsu (Kushi style)
Ebi Age (Kushi style)
Soft-shell Crab Age (Kushi style)
Beef or Scallop Age (Kushi style)
Grilled Cod Fish w/Miso
Udon (Hot)
Lotus Root (Tempura style)
Mushroom (Tempura style)
Green Capsicum (Tempura style)
Dessert of the Day
Hot/Cold Green Tea

If you have not read his previous review here, you might want to know that Tetsu is a first of its kind, authentic “LIVE” Kushi-style Tempura restaurant located in Singapore, that has the chef prepares the Tempura in close proximity right before your eyes.

To reward HFB’s faithful readers, he has negotiate a deal with the management for a $40 nett only off-menu set dinner worth $120!!! What’s more, the first person to register for this event (and show up of course) will also win himself/herself a $10 Delifrance voucher!

Seats are limited, so what are you waiting for?!?! Email HFB your Name, Contact Number, and the No. of Pax (Spread the love) to hisfoodblog@gmail.com today! If you have any dietary restrictions with regards to the menu, do let him know in advance in your email – HFB and Tetsu will try their very best to accommodate your wishes. Closing date for the sign-up is Friday, 1 August. Seeya at Tetsu!



fuzk said...

What a waste. I'll be out of town already!

That brings me to my next point, thanks for helping me spread the message. :) Just to add, ALL proceeds will go toward helping these kids. :)

So, want a jar of cookies? ;) :P

His Food Blog said...

No worries. I was hoping I could do more. ;)

Steve said...

wow - this deal sounds amazing. If you feel so inclined HFB, organise another for later in the year and I promise to be there (post-September). That menu is amazing for that price.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Steve,

How have you been? Haven't heard from you for quite awhile.

Sure! Why not? Let me know the dates you will be around in Singapore - in fact we can even arrange to meet up over a simple dinner :)

HairyBerry said...

this is indeed a good offer!

too bad i cant join you this time. anyhow, have fun, ya!

His Food Blog said...

No worries bro, there are always future opportunities - makan session in KL perhaps, hehe!

Steve said...

Thanks HBF - that really is appreciated.

Actually your posts (among many other things) have got me moving to Singapore mid-September. See what an impact you have on people!

So'll be looking out for your special menus from then on - and I can't wait. Love forward to meeting up with you then.

All the best

His Food Blog said...

Hey Steve,

Heh - it's the power on internet more likely - HFB is just a humble blog ;)

Hmmm, I am not so sure about the special menu but I dun mind hunting down for good food with like-minded people.

So yeah - drop me an msg and let me know and we can take it from there :)

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