11 August, 2008

Post HFB Makan Session - Hear What THEY have to say

While half of the world is catching the “LIVE” telecast of the official opening of Beijing Olympics 2008, 32 hungry souls who couldn’t care any less made their way to Tetsu to support HFB’s virgin makan session.

Dinner scheduled to start at 7.30pm was promptly delayed by half an hour while waiting for the latecomers to arrive – you know who you are, tsk tsk tsk, shame on you!

Dinner was kick-started with the Kami Tofu, or Century Egg with Tofu & Kajiki Tataki, or Seared Swordfish with Special Sauce served together. The former received accolades such as “Good dish with strong flavour”, “Never tasted such tofu before. Has a special taste”, “Very interesting refreshing blend of flavours – Most unique and not jelak” and “It is very soft with a pleasant taste”.

The latter was also one of the better-loved dishes garnering comments like “The flavour is just right”, & “Combination together is perfect”.

The Sashimi Moriawase, Mixed Platter Sashimi, consisted of Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail came next and while a small number of them didn’t take into raw food, a couple of them did find it “Very fresh”.

The clear soup brewed 6 hours with the Yellowtail though didn't exactly sit well with some – “Too fishy”, and “Nothing special”, some didn’t like the fact that it also “Got fish bone”.

The Gindara No Saikyouyaki, or Grilled Cod Fish with Miso Sauce received mixed reviews. One of them thought it was “Extremely fresh and flavourful – and feels bliss while eating it” and some commented it as “Nicely grilled”, “Awesome” and “Simply Addicting”, a group of them thought it was “Over grilled” and “Too dry” and would “Be better for it to be softer in texture”.

The rest of the mains came in a set and a handful of them listed the Hot Udon as their most favourite dish. As quoted, it was a “Simple dish, which was done very well” and “Beyond (her) initial expectations”.

The highlight of Tetsu was surprisingly a letdown, as diners probably expected more from it – “Overcooked”, “Too Dry” and “Oily” were used to describe the Kushi-styled and Tempura-styled dishes – Hire and Rosu Katsu, Ebi Age, Soft-shell Crab Age, Scallop Age, Lotus Root, Mushroom and Green Capsicum.

The Dakonni, or Braised Radish with Special Sauce, was the last dish for the dinner set - a couple find it “Bitter” though.

Dessert was Macha Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste but a pity that nobody commented on it.

Overall, 92.5% rated the makan session from “Good to Excellent” – and many enjoyed “The company”, and “Excellent interaction with foodies”, as well as the fact that it was “Value for money” and they were able to enjoy “Dishes that’s not in the regular menu”. There were some hits and misses that evening and HFB will strive to ensure that it will be 100% satisfaction for his next makan session.

Special thanks to all those who attended that evening - you guys were fantastic - as well as to Pris and Rachelle for their help in making this session a success.

Also not forgetting Chef Kent who came out with a generous special menu that is within the budget.

HFB is already looking forward to the next makan outing - so look out for it!

Read more about it here, here, here, here and here.

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Steve said...

I'm green with envy! Sounds like an absolute treat. Bring on HFB's Makan Session #2!

red fir said...

Your mocha ice cream looks green...

Anonymous said...

hey, Jasper here!

just want to say that i've been lazy, but will be definitely posting up my blog post by tonight w/ pics. heh.

will give u the link then, and also might use a few of your pics, 'cause some of mine are bad. hee

His Food Blog said...

steve: Would be an icing on the cake if you were there with us ;)

ice: BHAHAHA, silly me - Macha it is and not mocha

Jasper: Hello! Nice to have you back. No worries - I have been pretty lazy myself - Ha! But feel free to use the pix. Looking forward to your post!

koume said...

Hey, I don't have a permalink to that blog entry, but few free to link up! (:

(And yes, I really couldn't care less about the (Beijing Olympics) Opening Ceremony x:)

His Food Blog said...

Hi Koume, it was nice meeting up with you. No permalink? What about your blog address - I tried finding it but couldn't :(

Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely nite of eating!

I wish I was there, but I am glued to the TV at home, watching the Opening Ceremony on HD5. :-)

His Food Blog said...

Hi Keropok man!

Yeah - it was. Was hoping some of you guys would come along as well but alas~ it wasn't meant to be.

But I am sure you enjoyed the opening ceremony - heard that it was spectacular!

Anonymous said...


Jasper here~
and here's my entry. :)

His Food Blog said...

Hey Jasper,

Added the link at the end of the post - thanks by the way :)

Jayce said...

Hey Rayner, nice meeting you the other day.. I moved my lazy ass and wrote a post.. .. and I'm very honest with my opinions..


His Food Blog said...

Hey Jayce,

Nice meeting you too! Sorry that the food wasn't to your liking.

No worries on your honest opinion - heh - as everybody is entitled to their own views.

Besides every comment (both good & bad) act as a feedback to either the restaurant or the organiser for improvements.

Hopefully this wouldn't stop you from coming to future HFB org makan session :)

HairyBerry said...

woah, got statistics somemore! congratulations on the successful outing!

His Food Blog said...

Hey Nic,

Thanks! Just decided to carry out a simple survey to garner some feedback since it was my first time organising a makan session - heh - so dun read too much into it.

Besides I wanted this post to come from the diners themselves and not from me - just so that people can have an unbiased view on this event. All "quoted" remarks were from them by the way.

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