22 August, 2008

Prego - Spaghetti & Meatball Eating Challenge

Are you a glutton? Are you greedy? Then Prego’s Spaghetti & Meatball Eating Challenge is just the right affair for you.

Nestled in
Fairmont Hotel Singapore, Prego is a contemporary, chic restaurant that serves hearty authentic Italian fare.

From now till 30 August (YES, you
only have one more week!!!), Head Chef Salvatore Silvestrino challenges you to test your eating prowess with his spectacular offering of Spaghetti and Meatball.

For $12.00 nett only, each participant not only gets a special serving of spaghetti, it also comes with a souvenir photo and a complimentary t-shirt to complement their mouth-filling experience.

On 6 Sep, the top 50 participants will battle it out and compete with no less than Chef Salvatore himself in the final “Eat Off”.

The grand champion stands to win a whole month’s weekend brunch experience for two at Prego valued at over S$1,000!!! And the first runner-up can enjoy a romantic and elegant dinner for two. Raising up to the challenge, HFB dutifully signed up for the event and is proud to proclaim that he finished his plate of pasta in 4mins 05secs *BURP*.

And if you think that is commendable, try beating the current record of 1min 36secs – BRAVO! So what are you waiting for? Gather your relatives and friends and have some fun with this one-of-a kind epicurean adventure. For reservations and/or enquiries, please call 6431 6156 or email dining.Singapore@fairmont.com.

Meanwhile kindly allow HFB to excuse himself as he is suffering from indigestion. Kids, please do not try this at home!

*** If speed eating is not your cup of tea, HFB is also offering one lucky reader a free subscription to La Cucina Italiana, US edition of Italy’s oldest and most popular cooking magazine. All you need to do is write in to hisfoodblog@gmail.com and tell him all about your favourite homemade spaghetti sauce recipe. Winning entry should include step-by-step procedures and ingredients needed to create this sensational sauce. Do be reminded to include your name and mailing address when you submit your entries. Multiple entries are allowed (different recipes of course la!) This contest will run till 31 August (Sun). ***

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Steve said...

nooooo! Don't do it HFB! This is so wrong - it's almost up there with you going to Starbucks. Good food must be enjoyed, not shovelled.

I will pray to the food gods that you come to your senses!

In the meantime I will think about some recipes for you. I have a very simple one made with cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes and olive oil which is to die for. Will post after Bruny...

His Food Blog said...

Haha! Yeah, I understand it was more of for fun than anything else. Trust me when I tell you that that's the worst 4mins 05secs dining experience I ever had in my life.

Prego mentioned that they will probably be inviting me back for the Finals, but I doubt I would wanna go through it again - still suffering from indigestion while I am typing this reply.

Oh! Looking forward to your entry then. Dun forget that contest ends 31 Aug!!!

fatpig said...

It was damn funny watching you eat. haha.

His Food Blog said...

LOL! You wuss, pull out at the last minute!

Kuek said...

sounds like damn fun larr.... go for the finals! then during the finals you eat slow slow and laugh secretly at other people larr....:P

His Food Blog said...

Haha. EVIL, but sounds like a plan!!!

fatpig said...

When you eat a calamari, a pizza, a risotto and a pasta for lunch at buono at 1pm, then you are qualified to call me a wuss.

His Food Blog said...

Heh. Serve you right - knew that you were going for the challenge and yet ate so much! :P

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for some other official restaurant food challenges check out http://www.ibetyouwont.com they have a bunch and add new ones every day!

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