14 October, 2008

The BEEFY Series Part 4 - Astons Specialities @ Cathay Makan Session

Many readers have been asking me about last month’s Grade 9 Wagyu Beef Makan Session organised at Astons Specialities @ The Cathay – so the story goes – a total of 15 pax turned up for the event and were rewarded with a unique dining experience – satisfying and educational.

We also got to meet the man himself, Mr Aston Soon, who came down personally to present a show-and-tell segment about Wagyu Beef and the difference between the different marbling grades of their Ribeye Beef to all the participants that evening.

Are you able to tell apart the normal, from the Grade 5-6 to the Grade 9 (Answer to be revealed at the end of post)?

Everyone who participated also received a complimentary house-pour and HFB was presently surprised by it.

A soft, slightly spicy wine displaying aromas of blackcurrants and summer berries with a smooth round palate.

Although I would prefer it to be slightly drier, I am not complaining.

With high expectations, the 250gm Wagyu Ribeye Grade 9 ($89.90 with 2 sides) finally arrived – lip-smacking tender, with meat melting in one’s mouth, fatty juices that oozed with every bite, very well-marbled are some of the apt terms that was sprouted that evening.

Everyone who had a taste of it was raving how different it was from the normal and grade 5-6 ribeye.

Overall, everyone was delighted to learn more about Wagyu, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

However service was still found wanting at times (there was a mixed up of orders – which HFB found out later to be something very common in Astons in his subsequent visits).

Special thanks to all those who attended that evening - hope you guys had fun learning about your food - as well as to Aston and staffs for making this session a success.

(Answer: A - Wagyu Grade 9, B - Wagyu Grade 5-6, C - Normal Ribeye) Did you get it right?

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homeladychef said...

Hi there! I enjoy reading your blog. :) Yeah, I get it, will try to make Wagyu steak next time. Thanks for sharing!

His Food Blog said...

Hi there,

Thank you and nice to have you back!

WOoo, I am looking forward to it - I am sure it will look and taste awesome! ;)

Anonymous said...

i just went there yesterday and i gotta agree that the service is very slow. my boyfriend even scolded the waitress and got even angrier when the waitress didn't even say sorry.

maybe that's why their price is cheap.. food quite good though.

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious. I love to have one too.. ;)

nicthegeek said...

I chose the grade 5/6, but regretted slightly after tasting my friend's grade 9. yes it's that different. Pity about Aston's service though, put me off going there. Thanks for the outing! :D

His Food Blog said...

sylv: I am sorry about your experience. I agree with you that price is their attractive selling proposition.

fooi: :) Astons can be found almost everywhere in Singapore - they have what they call Astons Express outlets that are tucked all over the neighbourhood areas.

trenix: Sorry that the service wasn't up to scratch that evening - but glad you enjoy the Grade 9. :)

XY said...

Yeah! I got the guessing correct on first try! (Well almost, I guessed C was the lowest grade but it was normal) But I've seen better marbled 9+ grade wagyu than A. (:

Unknown said...

i see yongie!!

hmmm food trail when i go back?:)


Anonymous said...

I've yet to try Ashton but have read great reviews especially their steaks.

His Food Blog said...

XY: Yeah - not the best marbled grade 9 beef definitely.

Benson: Hello!!! When are you coming back - do let me and the rest of the gang know.

jo: It's worth a try but standard varies depending on outlets - as for service wise ermm.... let me know when you try it :)

fuzk said...

Hi ah ben! haha. yeah. that's me! hee :P I MISS YOU! *hugs* okay okay. better say something about this post if not kena banned. :P

Thanks for inviting. It was indeed quite educational. Service for our table was quite prompt and quite good. Wagyu is good too. :) As for the wine.. I can't really rem. haha.

You should try bbq-ing your own wagyu. It tastes Oh-so-good. heh.

His Food Blog said...


I am looking forward to that - perhaps when Ben is back? Let's look for a big chalet and grab everyone for it!

Unknown said...

Woo sounds great! I'll be back on 4 dec to 5 jan. Heading to Hk frm 11-17 dec.

Speaking of wagyu, in brissy wagyu steak (rump i think) costs about abit under $30. Not sure if that's considered expensive but man it's sooo tender and good!

His Food Blog said...

Hi Benson,

Yeah! Lemme go plan something for your home coming. I am sure the rest are looking forward to meet up as well. :)

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