27 November, 2008

The BEEFY Series Part 9 - Fine Cuts

If you a meat aficionado, you will be delighted to know that besides Astons, there is another value-for-money joint to satisfy your beef cravings. Situated at the basement of The Central, Fine Cuts looks like your usual meat counter that is readily available at any supermarket – showcasing alluring cuts of affordable-priced premium Beef, Pork and Lamb imported from USA and Australia. However, what sets it apart from the rest is their “Pick N Grill” option, where one is able to pick a piece of meat (min. 300gms) and have it served to you with Potato & Green Salad for additional $8.00 above the retail price.

HFB was spoilt for choice, and had problems selecting the meat as every piece was so tempting – it was as though all of them were calling out to him “Pick me, pick me” – especially the USA Kobe Beef Striploin – but sadly the wallet has other ideas.

A little background about their Kobe Beef – it is grown in USA by cross-breeding the Wagyu bulls from Kobe with premium American Black Angus to form a proprietary herd that has developed into one of the finest groups of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in USA.

Eventually, HFB picked up what he thought was the next best choice – the USA Premium Black Angus Ribeye. At $7.00/100gm, HFB thought it was pretty value-for-money. Over at Fine Cuts, do not expect thick sauces to be drizzled over the meat, but only simple seasoning of Salt and Ground Pepper – however even then HFB thought the pepper was slightly generous.

However, if you are one that really hates a naked piece of steak – they do accompanied your piece of meat with Black Pepper Sauce, which was surprisingly not too bad at all.

The meat was pretty fabulous, it was nicely charred grilled, and succulent with juices. It had what HFB thought was a right balance of tenderness and “beefiness” at the same time. At $30.00 and $33.00, for my friend’s steak, i.e. both pieces of meat weighted slightly more than 300gms, HFB thought it was a pretty good deal.

What’s more to come was when we were told that they were having a promotion, and that for a purchase above $35.00, we were entitled to a free serving of USA Beef/Pork Sausages. We opted for the Pork Sausages, and although it was nicely grilled on the outside, we thought the sausages could be rested a little longer as the natural juices gushed out the moment we took a cut on it. It also wasn’t as meaty as HFB would have liked, but given that it was complimentary HFB couldn’t really complain much.

With no service charge implemented, HFB pretty liked this no frills, unpretentious approach of this joint. And if one liked what you have eaten, you could always pick the uncooked off the counter and bring them home for a feast yourself.


Food:4.5/5 (Tender yet beefy piece of steak)
Service: 3/5 (Basic service - no service charge)
Ambience: 3/5 (Simple, no frills)
Price: 4/5 ($71.65 for 2)
Total: 14.5/20
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#B1-44/45, The Central
Singapore 059817

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fatboybakes said...

wow, that beef looks like a killer man. and them pork sausages....as you can imagine, its very hard to find those two items side by side in malaysia.....

His Food Blog said...

Haha. Yes I know - it's time like these that I'm glad I live on the other side of the causeway.

The beef was damn good!

noodles said...

I always walked pass this store but find it too expensive to eat there. The steak looks nice

homeladychef said...

Sounds a good deal to me. Thanks for sharing! :)

His Food Blog said...

T__T: Agree - I wouldn't say the steaks are dirt cheap, but for the quality you get, I think it's already pretty value for money.

hlc: Your welcome :)

Scenes in Singapore life said...

yes, Fine Cuts is pretty good. But I still crave a good US style steak, like those made by Peter Luger's.

see my thoughts on steaks in Singapore:


Anonymous said...

Hi P.Chong,

Fyi, not everyone as rich as you can fly to US just for the steak. You are kind of 'showing off' here by saying that you know 'something' but who knows you actually are.
But we indeed know that we do enjoy steaks here & that's the most important point of sharing good food online.

His Food Blog said...

P.Chong: I think the closest to good US style steak in Singapore you can find is Morton's and Black Angus.

GM: Chill. We are all here to share our love for good food. :)

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