11 November, 2008

泉香鱼口粥 (Quan Xiang Fish Porridge)

What constitutes to a nice bowl of Teochew Fish Porridge? Ask HFB, and he will tell you its “fresh fish, tasty stock and the grains not overcooked” over and over. Started way back in 1966, HFB would dare say 泉香鱼口粥 (Quan Xiang Fish Porridge), now located at Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, is one of the best in the west.

With choices of the usual Batang Fish ($3, $5 and $7) and the pricier Red Garoupa ($5, $7 and $10), what one gets is a bowl of piping hot “Cheng” fish porridge, with a minimum dash of fried shallots. HFB opted for the $5 batang option and it gotten him a good 10 or so slices of fish – even if he finds them too thinly sliced for his liking. Fish slices were smooth and fresh without the lingering fishy smell, but HFB did find it frustrating at the lacked of bite.

The soup though was a delight – it was sweet and light on the palate, and it has HFB’s favourite Tang O, or Garland Chrysanthemum added within – definitely a good choice these days for those feeling under the weather.

The grains were excellently cooked to bite – every grain was firm and not mushy – HFB resisted to call it al dente, but that’s what came closest to mind. And of course, a Teochew Fish Porridge experience cannot be completed without the Fermented Bean Sauce as dip.

Overall, it would have been a satisfying experience if not for the measly serving – would probably opt for 2 portions of $3 instead on my next visit.


Food: 4/5 (Nice piping hot bowl of "cheng" fish porridge)
Service: 3.5/5 (Waited for 15 minutes)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Food Centre but pretty well-ventilated)
Price: 3/5 (Serving portion could be bigger)
Total: 14/20
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#02-146, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
Singapore 588172

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Anonymous said...

I love Fish Porridge too! So far hasn't really found one which is truly nice, will check out the one you mentioned when I am free :)

His Food Blog said...

There are two famous ones located at Amoy Food Centre - Piao Ji and Han Kee, but the wait is 30-45 minutes during office lunch time.

Quan Xiang is along my way home and the wait is not as long, so therefore gets my vote for convenience, Heh!

Steve said...

hey HFB. Just wanted to commend you on adding the maps as you have been doing recently. This is such a thoughtful touch - and an absolute god-send as far as I am concerned (being relatively new to the island).

The fermented bean sauce has got me intrigued. Is it sour to taste? Do you have order it separately? Sorry for being so dumb... I just never seen it before.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Steve - glad you love it! I really hope it will be useful for all my readers, yourself included.

The traditional Chinese fermented soy bean sauce is more salty to sourish and in Singapore you generally do not have to order/pay separately for a dipping sauce unlike elsewhere - it comes with the food. It is a dipping sauce use mainly by the dialect group, Teochews, in Singapore.

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