03 November, 2008

Ristorante De Parma - Falling in Love with Desserts!!!

Located at the quiet end of a row of shophouses (that also houses Ice3 and Frolick) along Kensington Park Road, Ristorante De Parma has the expressions, "simple and minimalistic" engraved all over, coupled with warm lighting that exudes a sense of soothing comfort for a slow relaxing dinner. However, as weather was cooling that night, we opted for one of the two outdoor tables.

Complimentary bread served with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinaigrette although came warm was nothing extraordinary.

Le Zuppe, or soups was Minestrone alla Genovese ($6.90), the classic Italian vegetable soup. There are different variations of minestrone soup – divided into different villages or towns, each customise to regional or seasonal ingredients. And in the traditions of Genoa province, it is distinguished by the generous use of herbs in its preparation, and specifically the addition of Pesto. HFB really loved this soup! A delightful surprise from the usual minestrone that is watered down and tomato-based, their version was intense in flavours from the herbs, yet light on the palate.

A must for all mushroom lovers, the Fungo di Portobello ($14.90), was a huge grilled Portobello mushroom dish garnished with bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes & olives, drizzled with their own house dressing. Every bite of the thick mushroom produced a juice-gushing moment. However, HFB just wasn’t used to the fact that the accompaniments, especially the bell peppers came contrasting cold (although HFB was assured by the staff that that’s the way they served it) and was also pretty disappointed that a rotten leaf of purple lettuce was left unchecked and dished out to us.

Listed as a new item in the menu, the Foie Gras de Canard ($27.90) was pan-fried and topped with Caviar & accompanied North East Atlantic Langoustine & Smoked Salmon. HFB clearly wasn’t impressed with this dish – the duck liver was too dry for his liking, and the langoustine and smoke salmon didn’t add any value to this dish – harshly speaking, it was akin to 3 separate items put scrappily together that didn’t gel at all.

One of their house favourite, the Prosciutto Di Parma con Rucola Pizza ($26.90), is topped with Parma ham sourced directly from Italy and HFB’s personal favourite – Rocket Salad!

Also special request to add shaved Parmesan Cheese as topping was addressed. HFB ranked their version a close second to Da Paolo’s Pizza Bar purely due to the fact that it’s more costly.

What really hit the umami spot were the desserts that night. The Chocolate Fondant ($12.90) oozed yummy molten chocolate when one breaks the exterior crust, and the paired vanilla ice-cream definitely aid to its cause.

Slightly expensive considering the serving portion but definitely worth it if you consider Morton’s charges theirs at $25.00.

One should definitely not leave Ristorante De Parma without giving their signatured Tiramisu ($12.90) a try. Aesthetically well presented with what HFB considered a sizeable portion, it was definitely one of the finest tiramisu HFB had tried. Everything from the sponge, to the Mascarpone cheese and alcohol level was so well balanced that HFB wouldn’t mind dropping by just for it after dinner.

Special mention to the service staffs that HFB reckon was pretty well trained and polite. It was much appreciated unlike one other particular fine dine establishment and their snobbish service attitude.


Food: 3/5 (High marks for the soup, and dessert, but downgraded for the rotten leaf of veggie)
Service: 4.5/5 (Well-trained and polite)
Ambience: 4/5 (Simple, yet warm and comforting)
Price: 4/5 ($112.64 for 2 is affordable for a nice quiet dinner)
Total: 15.5/20
14B Kensington Park Road,
Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 557265

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His Food Blog said...

Hi Wenhan,

Thanks! Sure. Keep me updated! Maps are always useful for readers.

Anonymous said...

I like the chocolate fondant looks really good. I have placed a link at sgfavouritefood thanks!

Steve said...

What a simply stunning meal (except of course for the foie gras about which we haven't had anywhere near enough arguments yet!)

The minestrone soup was the stand out for me. I didn't realise about the regional variations on this dish, and will go to Ristorante De Parma just to try this dish. Sounds heavenly. And I LOVE char-grilled bell peppers - which I agree, should be eaten cold. Yummo.

Beautiful photography as always, HFB.

His Food Blog said...

Thank you all!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review! I am glad you've enjoyed your dinner, especially the desserts.

Sorry about the veggie. Auntie Rose has been warned. We take our food quality seriously.

By the way, we are currently revising our menu. Look out for a friendlier menu soon ; )


Anonymous said...

i've been saying i want to visit de parma for at least a few months now, but serangoon gardens is delaying the visit. until i find someone with car to go. haha

His Food Blog said...

Ping: Thank you for dropping by. Will definitely drop by your place again if I am near the vicinity. I really miss that Tiramisu.

LIC: Yep. Pretty out of the way for us Westies. Heard you are on leave right? It's about time you make your way there - let me know what you think when you pay them a visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Just to let you guys know that I'm currently revising my menu to be much friendier to our all pockets.

Anyway,Tuesday Pizza Nigh is still on. All pizzas on the menu going on very special price. Ck out our blog ; )

His Food Blog said...

Hi Ping,

Thank you. Will be sure to try it out :)

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