17 November, 2008

This Cake Makes Me Happy

Doesn't this Gelare Ice Cream Cake makes you happy?


Food Lover said...

Wow this cake looks really exquisite! It seems delicious too ha! Happy birthday!

His Food Blog said...

Hi Food Lover,

It looks better than it taste, but looking at it definitely makes one happy! :)

Steve said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear HFB,
Happy Birthday to you!

Many happy returns, mate. Will be having a drink in your honour tonight!

Devilina said...

wow wow wow! Looks good....~

HairyBerry said...

is it your birthday, dude?
good looking cake there!

His Food Blog said...

Wah wah, hold your horses guys - this was just a birthday cake I took during one of my office birthday celebration. My birthday falls in August.

Ha ha! But thanks for the well wishes ;)

Anonymous said...

it does look fabulous! pretty even with the simple colors:) happy WW!

Anonymous said...

i can see why. do you have any left:)

Happy WW!
Have you ever seen Hummingbird babies?

A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

That cake would make me happy too! It is beautiful.

Happy Birthday and WW!

Steve said...

Ha ha - stop confusing us HFB. Let's consider these birthday wishes for the August just passed.

What date in August, exactly, if it's not too personal a question? (We don't want to miss it next year!)

Unknown said...

I want to pick those flowers and eat them first. LOL

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