08 December, 2008

The BEEFY Series Part 10 - Black Angus

Located in the district of Orchard Road, this award winning steakhouse is the first of its franchise outlets outside of United States.

Since it’s opening in 1997, Black Angus has been in the business of satisfying the local market’s craving for a good beefy US steak – with the meat and other ingredients imported directly from the US. Styled like a US steak diner, there are even some tables fashioned after cubicle boxes, giving added solitude and comfort to diners. Dining al fresco is another dining alternative.

What one will love about Black Angus is that with every order of their steak, it is served with Crispy Haystack Onion String, Fresh Vegetable and your choice of Potato – accompanied by starter of choice like the Stuart’s Steak Soup, Baked Potato Soup, Garden Salad, or Coleslaw. Intense is the word best used for the steak soup – as chunks of beef cubes seeks to add to the already flavourful soup. Not forgetting the generous amount of meat within marks the start of a hearty dinner.

My dining partner, being a potato lover naturally indulged in the potato soup – completed with a dollop of cream, and some sprinkle of bacon bits, cheddar cheese and spring onions. HFB had a spoonful of it but didn’t exactly took to it – he found it too starchy to stomach.

10 oz Rib-eye Steak @ $39.90++ was pretty affordable and value-for-money if you ask me.

Serving of the steak was liberal and this is definitely the place to be if one is looking for a good cut of US prime steak.

It was thick, juicy and has a good beefy taste to it. Steak was well rested and came medium-rare but HFB would preferred a slightly more charred-grilled finishing to his steak.

Special mentioned goes to the onion string that is really well deep-fried and really delectable. HFB really enjoyed this side!


Food: 4/5 (Beefy & Juicy piece of steak)
Service: 3/5 (Staffs weren't exactly friendly, and one couldn't speak good English)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Warm lighting gives a romantic ambience, but can be noisy at times)
Price: 4/5 ($93.90 for a hearty dinner for 2)
Total: 14.5/20
1 Tanglin Road
#01-08, Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905

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Anonymous said...

black angus.. is expensive man. haha. but then you all didn't order the most expensive one right? lol

His Food Blog said...

Nope. I think the 10oz Rib-eye steak @ $39.90 is good and beefy enough for me. :)

Scenes in Singapore life said...

love the steak soup...nice chunks of beef, vegetable soup...robust, stock. Nice. I usually eat the roast beef. Used to have a really great set lunch, $18.90 for soup, steak, scoop of ice cream and coffee. Not sure if they still offer that.

BTW, love the photographs on the wall at the Tanglin outlet.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The 600g of Foie cost me around $40+ dollars, which is fairly standard. I suggest cutting it into smaller pieces and wrapping it in cling-film so that you can freeze the portions you aren't immediately cooking. 600g is quite a large block!

His Food Blog said...

P.Chong: Yeah I agree, the soup is good, but it might be too feeling a starter for some.

Hungry Dru: Thanks. Oh I think $40+ dollars is pretty reasonable for off-the-shelf pricing.

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...


May i know which is better?
Black Augus or augus steakhouse?

His Food Blog said...

Hi Anon 11:21,

Personally, I prefer Angus Steakhouse with a better ambience and better service.

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