29 January, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Nonya Food @ Kafe Bulldog, Malacca



Some retro-looking cups and electrical appliances

Retro Coke, Nonya Otak-otak, Cendol & Nonya Laksa


Steve said...

I'm going here this coming weekend. I hope that the food was up to scratch HFB. Any opinions would be gratefully received!

Nice pics, as usual.

Unknown said...

WOW! I loved those retro stuffs! Tks for the review!

His Food Blog said...

Steve: And I thought you knew my writing style well enough, I am a tad disappointed, tsk tsk - Heh.

I would definitely rave about the food if it is really good. Chances are if it falls on a Wordless Wednesday post - it usually means there's nothing much to talk about it. Get the hint? ;)

Foodies Queen: Me too! I am a sucker for anything nostalgic. This place has nice ambience to chill out with friends but nothing really fantastic about the food IMHO. :)

Holly Jean said...

very quaint indeed.

I plan to visit malacca on a day trip soon. maybe will check this place out.

His Food Blog said...

Hey Holly!

If you have a sweet tooth, do try the Cendol at 88 Jonker Street! HFB guaranteed ;)

Steve said...

I stand suitably chastised, HFB! Sorry for being thick, lah!

As it was, we didn't get to Kafe Bulldog. Instead we found ourselves at Banya for one meal (very good), and Restoran Peranakan for another, which again was hard ot fault.

You've just got to love Melaka for the food.

His Food Blog said...

I totally agree! Not forgetting some of their architectures as well.

Glad you had fun @ Malacca!

Anonymous said...

I am going to Malacca for a weekend in March, where is the address of Kafe Bulldog? Will be keen to check out the place.

His Food Blog said...

Hi suisui,

The address for the cafe is 145, Jalan Bendahara 75100 Melaka , Malaysia!

Let me know what you think about the place. :)

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