01 February, 2009

Taste of Malaysia Series 5 - Jonker 88 Dessert

Perhaps the most famous eating outlet located in the middle of Jonker Street, Malacca, Jonker Dessert 88 is a cultural entity in the form of a museum café, legally formed on 1997 in Malaysia.

Dine in a shop house that contains historical artefacts and relics on display, one gets to savour their food in a quaint, nostalgic setting. First of its kind in this region, it offers quite a number of Pernakan food including Nonya Asam Laksa and Baba Laksa (although HFB got no idea what’s the difference – anyone care to shed some light?).

However, the Holy Grail that HFB would always go for is their Cendol (RM2.50) (Although they are also famous for their Durian Cendol, HFB thought the durian paste would overwhelmed the original experience).

Masqueraded like any other cendol one gets from the dessert stall, the green cendol jelly was silky-smooth and come with a nice bite while the red bean paste was thick and toothsome. However, what really sets it apart from the run of the mill was the thick, sticky Gula Melaka, or Palm Sugar that they doused all over the top.

If one is slightly more tolerant of sweet fare, do feel free to tell them to add additional gula melaka for that extra HFB guaranteed kick!! This is truly a stop one couldn’t miss!!!

Food: 5/5 (Divine!)
Service: 4/5 (Fast despite peak period)
Ambience: 4.5/5 (Quaint & nostalgic)
Price: 5/5 (HFB would gladly travel and pay for this!)
Total: 18.5/20
88 Jonker Street, Jalan Hang Jebat
75200 Malacca, Malaysia

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