13 May, 2009


With the conclusion of his Japan trip, HFB realised that he pounded on 3kg – so it was timely when he was invited to take part in the SOY JOY GI JOY CHALLENGE (And yes that’s my face all right… now stop laughing… Goddammit… Grrrrrr)! Ever had the post-lunch slump where you reached out for your Chocolate Bars or Keropok – and then chided yourself for consuming all those unhealthy fats and calories? Well, SOYJOY is the answer – as it allows you to snack on something tasty without the guilt!

Over the next couple of weeks, HFB will be talking about the goodness of SOYJOY bars and reviewing on each of the different flavours, plus completing a series of tasks to compete for an air ticket to *drum-roll* …… JAPAN!!! How cool is that?

So here's why you should help support HFB!

1. If you love his entries of his recent Japan trip, HFB will guarantee to bring you more yummilicious food reviews from the Land of the Rising Sun!

2. He loves eating, but he maintains a healthy lifestyle of regular tennis and swimming activities (mahjong not included)

3. He is the only freaking male in the group!!!

So help HFB… by voting for him @ www.gi-joy.com! SHhhh... btw multiple voting entries are allowed; so do vote for him everyday just so you can see his lovely face!

You can also rally for him by putting up his Blogger's Badge (downloadable from the contest website) on your blog so that others can know about this contest (and vote for HFB of course)! If HFB is selected, he will conduct a special lucky draw for those who put up his badge - all you need to do is to leave him your URL and email address - prizes will be revealed in due time, but he promise it will be worthwhile!

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shing said...

Oi.. voted!

jia you.


Anonymous said...

Japanese delicous

His Food Blog said...

Thanks Shing!! Apparently you can vote for me every 3 hours now.

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