15 May, 2009

La Petite Cuisine @ Serene Centre

Tucked in the corner of Serene Centre – a familiar turf for HFB since his secondary school days playing Magic: the Gathering cards (Yes, one of those SAD moments in life) – lies La Petite Cuisine, an eatery that serves simple French fare with a delicate touch. For a no-frills, tiny establishment estimated not more than 20 tables (they have since expanded outside just next to the pavement), their menu is pretty extensive.

Although one needs to make their way to the cashier to place their orders, the good news is they do not charge GST. Also do not expect fanciful plateware and cutlery set as the complimentary bread came serve in plastic plate. Bread was warm but otherwise nothing extraordinary.

The Ravioli of Prawns Foie Gras in Light Lemon Crème ($14.00) was pretty interesting – the ingredients within the ravioli was generous, and the sauce was nice, but despondently, one could see the foie gras but not taste it – the prawns simply overwhelmed the former. In fact, it tasted more like prawn dumplings served French style.

The Foie Gras Panfried with Orange Confit Served with Salad ($17.00) was of decent portion. At such a size, HFB thought it was pretty good value for money. Nicely panfried on the surface, yet quiver when cut, it was done pleasingly. The orange sauce that came along with it goes really well also. Love it.

You must definitely give the Confit de Canard with Gratin ($15.00) a try if you pay them a visit. The duck skin is slow-cooked to a perfect crisp, and fully flavoured. The mash that came with it was smooth and delightful too. This dish was way better than the lousy crap served at The French Stall.

The dessert though was very disappointing – HFB could understand the 20 minutes wait for a hot dessert, but the Tarte Tatin, or Apple Tarte ($6.50) was just unpleasant in many ways. Serving was measly, and the whole puff pastry stacked above two slices of apple arrangement just failed miserably. HFB end up eating the puff pastry separately from the apples, which was still slightly unyielding for consumption.

He reckon one would be better off having ice cream at Island Creamery.

Food: 3.75/5 (Foie Gras and Duck Confit is yummy!)
Service: 3/5 (Normal)
Ambience: 3/5 (Cramped with small tables)
Price: 4/5 (Value for money)
Total: 13.75/20
01-05 Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Singapore 258748

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HairyBerry said...

how coincidental! we were at relish on monday, which is on top of petite and had ice cream at island creamery!

sounds like a foie gras feast u had, eh? and yeah, prices are quite good, i must say.

His Food Blog said...

Oh! Hehe... were you with Evans Kitchen? Read both his post on Relish and Island Cremery.

Yeah, La Petite is my source of affordable foie gras whenever I have cravings for it. You should try it one day!

lifeis2munch said...

thanks for the review! i've been wanting to try this place but haven't had the chance... I'll totally try the foie gras...

Las montañas said...

as you said, not bad lah.. portions a bit small sometimes.

His Food Blog said...

@gtf: You should. Love it!!!

@Lm: Heh. Not a big eater nowadays. So I am fine with the portion. :)

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