15 June, 2009

Congratulations to Winners of SOYJOY & Glycemic Index - What Say You? Contest

Congratulations! The following are the prize winners of SOYJOY & Glycemic Index - What Say You? Weight Management Tip Contest. All winners will be contacted shortly.

1st Prize: Autographed copy of Celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn’s Wild, Wild East
dayanmei - "Place your fork down between bites and learn to appreciate your food."

HFB totally agree with this statement. Like wine, I feel that people should learn to appreciate food - the techniques, the style, etc. by the chef - not just merely consuming it.

2nd Prize: $40 Food Junction voucher
Benedict - "Why not have a soyjoy for lunch?"

Although HFB wouldn't recommend that since SOYJOY bar isn't meant to be a meal replacement - alas, his hard-sell tactics won him the prize!

3rd Prize: $20 Food Junction voucher
raz - "Its best that u break your fast with nutrition n low fat breakfast. no you tiao, no nasi lemak, no deep fried food. no high carbo food."

It reminded HFB to cut down on his high carb intake during breakfast. I like!!!


raz said...

got my voucher!! Thanks =]
btw.. i dun eat breakfast =P

dayanmei said...

Thank you for the nice and interesting book! Appreciate it!

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