11 June, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Breakfast @ Cafe211

Cafe 211 located @ Holland Road Shopping Centre

Roof Terrace Café

Hidden Paradise - Discover the Magic!

Breakfast Set A ($7.00) - Choice of Egg (Sunny-side or Scrambled) w Crispy Streaky Bacon with Whole Meal Bread, Butter & Jam - Look at those Bacon. Yummy!

The Scrambled Egg

Breakfast Set B ($6.50) - Choice of Egg (Sunny-side or Scrambled) w Sliced Honey Baked Ham with Whole Meal Bread, Butter & Jam

Love the Ham!

The Whole Meal Bread with Butter

Cafe Latte ($5.00)

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Steve said...

Oh cool... I checked their menu out the week before last and wondered what the food was like. Looks like you were pretty happy from those minimal comments.

The restaurant setting is nice, eh?

Laksa said...

ooh. I didn't know they even served breakfast

His Food Blog said...

@Steve: It's al fresco at the roof terrace - nice secluded ambience for breakfast and chill out session, though can get quite hot and humid at times!

@Laska: Now you know ;)

Anonymous said...


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Las montañas said...

7 bucks and that doesn't include coffee?! Thanks for this review; sometimes have difficulties finding places that serve decent breakfast fare.

His Food Blog said...

@Marshall: Thanks for the invite!

@Lm: Unfortunately, breakfast don't come cheap nowadays unless you are eating at food centre.

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