21 July, 2009

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ The Village Centre - Pictographic

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ The Village Centre

Japanese Groceries

Sake By The Bottles

Sashimi Fresh Off The Counter

Snack Before The Dinner

Hungry! All Ready For Dinner

Edamame ($5.00)

What's Sashimi Without The Sake! Reishu ($51.00)

Oyster, Muki Kaki ($12.50)

Well, If One Ain't Enough... Order Another Serving

Scallop, Muki Hotate ($8.00)

Red Snapper, Tai Sashimi ($12.15)

Yellow Jack, Shima Aji ($16.65)

Japanese Half Beak, Sayori ($9.00)

California Maki ($7.00)

Negitoro Temaki ($5.00)

Pumpkim Croquette ($10.00)

Cross Section

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wayangtimes said...

hello hfb. another nice post from u :) u not interested in the collaboration anymore? btw i have moved my blog to a new address.

oh, and u should note that ur Google Friend Connect is causing IE6 and IE7 users' browsers to crash, everytime. discouraged me from visiting ur blog unless the pc i'm using happen to have firefox.

His Food Blog said...

Hello WYT,

I think the plans have to be shelved for the moment. Work has been really busy and there's too many backlogs. I will get back to you soon k?

AHhhh... and thanks for the heads up! No wonder another of my friend is facing the same prob. Widget deleted -> Problem solved! :)

wayangtimes said...

hey HFB, no prob. that can wait. n u r welcomed :) btw, i think if u use mybloglog it is better than google friend connect.

Steve said...

Oh dear HFB... my mouth just started watering seeing the pics in this blog entry. The fish looked so fresh, and I do love a good sushi roll.

Where is your rating? Has Wordless Wednesday been superseded by Tongue-Tied Tuesday?

His Food Blog said...

Buzz me when you're back - we can head there for a sashimi feast!

And its a Pictographic, i.e. no review... Heh, an excuse to masked my tight schedule. :P

Anonymous said...

I tried the sushi and it wasn't nice.

The rice was loose, without flavour, stale.

The sashimi tasted similar to most supermart...so nothing fantastic anyway

His Food Blog said...

Hi Anon 07:17pm,

May I ask which day did you visit them? And what did you ordered?

Seasonal fishes are deliver to their premise every Tue and Fri - that's when their fish are the freshest.

Their sashimi tasted similar to most supermart simply because they are suppliers to these supermarts :D

But for the same quality you are getting, you are probably paying 70-80% of the retail price.

Oh and Sakuraya is never known for their sushi or cooked food, but simply for their value for money sashimi.

Unknown said...


Nice pics!

Juz wondering whether did you bring your own Sake or did you buy the Sake from the store itself?

His Food Blog said...

Hi verve76,

Thanks! We bought the sake from the store itself. :)

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