01 July, 2009

HFB Makan Session IV - Food for Thought

Where can you find a quirky indie café, great comfort food at value-for-money price, relaxing corner to chill-out with your friends and at the same time give back to the society? The answer is Food for Thought, a social enterprise café that endeavours to generate profits to support and serve the community we live in.

Conveniently located opposite National Library, the café has been helmed by our own local boy, David Heng, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, and used to work in Le St Julien, under the tutorage of Chef de Cuisine Julien Bompard.

Watermelon Mint & Lychee Sage Freeze ($4.00 each) was the initial order of the evening. HFB can’t think of any good reasons why one wouldn’t love these drinks. Simply revitalising!

Our appetiser falls under the “Premium Salad” category of Honey Mustard Smoked Duck Salad ($12.90). HFB simply dig the smoked duck. The thin layer of fats gave it a nice marbling chew and the meat is tender and succulent. The dish is also well complemented with orange slices. Can I also add that the serving is pretty generous?

What’s best to pair with a premium salad? It’s none other than a “Premium Sandwich” of Cuban Ham & Pork Steak ($10.90) – made of Grilled Gamon Ham, Hand-shred Slow-roasted Tender Pork Shoulder, topped with a sliced of Grilled Pineapple. Sandwiched within home-baked Foccacia Bread, drizzled with creamy mustard dressing and homemade barbecue sauce, this is definitely one of the better sandwiches that HFB has polished off. My only nitpick is that the mixture of over zealous dressing and sauce, coupled with the meat’s natural juices, cause the bread to turn soggy a little.

What’s a meal without its dessert? The Butterscotch Peach Crumble ($7.90) is created with bubbling homemade butterscotch sauce, filled with Peaches, Raisins and Roasted Almond Slices. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, HFB thought that the combination was a little too generous for it’s own good. Being a hot dessert, the ice cream tends to melt quickly into a mess. Perhaps a better option is to serve the ice cream on the side.

The Vanilla Caramel Crème Brulee ($7.90) was nothing extraordinary to say the least – the custard was smooth with a hint of caramel goodness all right, but the caramelised crust was disappointingly too thick for HFB. However, using fine icing sugar should eliminate the problem.

Food: 4/5 (Salad and sandwich is good, dessert could be better)
Service: 4/5 (Friendly staffs)
Ambience: 3/5 (Slightly cramped)
Price: 3.5/5 (Pretty value for money)
Total: 14.5/20
#01-06 North Bridge Centre
420 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188727

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With the conclusion of the SOYJOY Challenge, HFB finally found some time to put together a small makan session for his faithful readers at Food for Thought. With the recession in mind, this makan session will be that of a sampler menu at a recession-price of $29.90 nett, limit to 12 pax only. You can find more details below, so hurry and confirm your name and no. of pax, contact number and email to hisfoodblog@gmail.com by 6 July (Mon)!

Date: 9 July (Thu)
Time: 1900hrs
Price: $29.90 nett
** Limit to 12 pax only **

HFB Makan Session IV – Food for Thought Sampler Menu

Soup of the day

Chinese Chicken Caesar and Thyme Roast Beef Salad

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Shoulder and Mama Heng Braised Pork Belly

Gammon Ham with Roasted Tomatoes and Smoked Duck with Mushrooms

Dessert Sampler
Old Southern Red Velvet Cake with Dark Orange & Lemon Marmalade
Very Chocolatie Brownie with Creamy Banana Butter
Vanilla Ice cream with Purple Dragonfruit Jelly

Lychee Sage Freeze


JJ said...

9th June? Does that mean this is over already?

His Food Blog said...


Oops, 9th July I meant. Thanks for pointing out!

Steve said...

Great to read your review on Food for Thought, HFB. I've been there a couple of times because of its convenient location, but only ever ordered coffee or a smoothie.

The food always looked appetizing - and your review confirmed that. Will try for lunch next time I'm in town.

fuzk said...

You mentioned something about giving back the society. Mind elaborating a bit on that?

His Food Blog said...

@Steve - This is one of the instances that you are ahead of me, Haha! I quite like the food and the casual nature of the cafe.

@fuzk - Based on what I know, the profits does goes to Financial Aid Scheme for underprivileged students. Customers also have the option to donate to international well-building projects. They also try to work as much as possible with local farmers, local cottage industries and collectives to support small businesses with a heart.

Anonymous said...

This place does not have a hood over their stove.

What this means is, you get the food smell all over your clothes.

Go at your own risk.

His Food Blog said...

Hey Anon 06:37pm,

Agree, I wouldn't deny that. But for a cafe that size, I was pretty impressed by their extensive menu. I love them for their casual and cosiness atmosphere too! :)

Derrick said...

Thanks for organizing Rayner

i enjoyed the makan dinner very much as well as the company of your friends.

Looking forward to the next HFB makan session !

His Food Blog said...

Hey Derrick!

So happy you could join us. Glad you enjoyed the food that night.

It was enlightening to hear all the expert opinions from you as well. Heh!

I look forward to you and your friends for the next makan session!

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