06 August, 2009

300th Post - Let the Beautiful Journey Continues...

08 Apr 2006. Le voyage de kalos. That was the day the beautiful journey began. An idea birthed while HFB was studying in Perth during his university days. 300 posts later, the journey continues. Beautiful it is – the path taken wasn’t exactly easy. The many hours put into researching for each posts, the time spent sorting and minor-editing the photos.

Within these 3 years, critics – there were many – some anonymous, while others closer. But yet at the same time, new friendships were forged, and encouragements were many. That kept HFB going – and he cannot thank you enough. Yes you, you who are reading this right now.

300 posts later, he learnt much more about food. He met fantastic people in the industry. It drove his passion deeper. In fact, so deep he has decided to take a plunge.

What’s next, you might ask? HBF is looking at new layout perhaps – new look and feel. Perhaps even a new direction in life. Whatever it might be, HFB guarantee it will be exciting, and a change for the better.

So cheers to 300 more posts and many more culinary adventures to come! What say you?

But meanwhile, time to catch up on his backlogs. :S

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Las montañas said...

Yes, HFB is opening a restaurant!!

livetoeat said...

Congratulations! Ganbatte!

His Food Blog said...

@L m: Haha... not just yet but definitely looking into it.

@lte: Thank you. Some nice pix you have over at your blog. Keep it up too!

Steve said...

Congratulations on the 300th post mate - and here's looking to what you have in mind for the future.

If Las montañas' prediction is correct, I trust that branches will include Singapore and Tasmania!

His Food Blog said...

Thank you my friend, Cheers to you too!

Sorry to disappoint you, but there will only be one outlet in Singapore - otherwise how else to entice you back to visit this tiny island of ours? ;)

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