11 August, 2009

Jia Chuan Steamboat - Home-styled Nonya Steamboat

Probably riding on the hype of the popular Little Nonya TV series comes Jia Chuan Steamboat – a unique Nonya influenced Tom Yum steamboat recipe of chef, Mdm Elsie Lim. With her own brand of Peranakan-Chinese familiarity, the spice quotient of the Thai inspired broth is up with an extra serving of home-made nonya paste – made with up to 10 types of herbs and spices – for that extra punch!

For the non-fiery taste buds, one can also opt for the homemade Chicken Broth, or the Fish Broth that is slowed cooked for flavours using Flounder Fish, Ikan Bilis, and other homemade ingredients. You can even throw in Fried Red Snapper Fish Head and Fried Taco for that added fish head steamboat ‘experience’.

HFB sampled both the Tom Yum and Fish broth, and thought that the former was interesting but not awe-inspiring. Perhaps HFB was not used to it, but the broth was slightly too sweet for him, yet at the same time there existed a bitterness aftertaste from the Turmeric due to the constant boiling. The fish broth though was more familiar in taste due to the ikan bilis, and thus more welcoming and better appreciated. Highlights of the steamboat are the selection of homemade specialties such as meatballs (pork or chicken) made with Crabmeat, Prawns, Chestnut, Bamboo Shoots, etc.

But the one the really stood out was the Sotong Balls with Prawns – the sotong taste was evident and palatable.

The Pork Dumplings with Prawns also did not disappoint. It was hearty with a wholesome bite.

And what’s Chinese steamboat without pork, in the form of Pork Belly Slices. The greasy strips of fat gave the meat that added marbling texture. Succulent!

HFB was also asked to comment on the Beef Glue and Beef Ball that the establishment was trying to introduce to their menu.

While the former was essentially minced beef and nothing noteworthy, the beef balls are a shoo-in for their new menu. Chestnuts added to it also gave it an added crunch.

Another point to note include their tasty sweet chilli, reminiscent to that from Coca Steamboat. The sambal though is really spicy and not for the faint-hearted.

And do look out for their lighted signboard when you are driving into the area as the "cafe" or air-conditioned coffeeshop is easily miss.

Buddy Value Meal (2pax) is valued for $25 and comes with a choice of ONE meat (Beef, Chicken or Pork) and Steamboat Party Value Meal (3 to 5 pax) is valued at $48 and comes with a choice of TWO meat. No service charge and GST.

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited taste test. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jody & Jia Chuan Steamboat for their hospitality.

No. 16 Cactus Road
Seletar Garden, Singapore 809585

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wayangtimes said...

oh man... i missed steamboat! thanks for sharing HFB :) looks very yummy.

Steve said...

Now I have heard of everything: calling minced meat "Beef Glue". Hilarious that some marketers get paid to come up with this staff.

Having said that, the Beef Ball idea sounded great - I love the idea of including water chestnuts. Will try it myself!

His Food Blog said...

@WYT: Welcome and thanks for dropping by. :D

@Steve: I believed the word "glue" refers to gelatinous paste-like texture of the meat.

The term "glue" was borrowed from fish glue which is akin to fish paste, a food item frequently found in many steamboat places in Singapore.

In this case, it was beef paste rather than fish paste and thus we have the term "beef glue".

Spank-A-Lot said...

Mmmmmm looks scrumptious! Not to think about it......despite the fact that I am peranakan.....I have never had nonya steamboat.....guess I gotta try it soon!

His Food Blog said...

Hello Spanky,

The place is pretty ulu - Heh!

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