14 August, 2009

Pictorial of HFB Makan Session IV - Food for Thought

Homemade Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil,
Something to kickstart the starving tummies!

Watermelon Freeze,

Soup of the Day - Tomato with Roasted Garlic,
Thought a dash of Cream would bring out the flavours better

Thyme Roast Beef Salad,
Beef and Onions makes a good combination

Chinese Chicken Caesar Salad,
Chicken was cooked "Sous Vide" style - EXCELLENT!

The "Mains" served on a long wooden board

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Shoulder

Mama Heng Braised Pork Belly,
The fatty layer was OMG delicious!!!

The Pizzas
Gammon Ham with Roasted Tomatoes
and Smoked Duck with Mushrooms

Close up

HFB thought it was one of the better pizzas he has ever sampled.
Crust was really well-executed that day.

Old Southern Red Velvet Cake with Purple Dragonfruit Jelly,
HFB simply loved this cake

Very Chocolatie Brownie with Creamy Banana Butter
This is one of the best brownie, really chocolatie and moist!!!

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Laksa said...

yum. where was this ?

Sistafood said...

We've tried their red velvet cake before and feel that the cream cheese was a bit heavy for us. Was their sandwiches good?

His Food Blog said...

@Laksa: This is at Food for Thought.

@Sistafood: I liked my slightly richer. Heh! Their Cuban Ham with Pulled Pork is good. But I really loved their Pizzas!

Sistafood said...

Really? haha..next time we shall try out their pizza!

Jeri said...

i loveeeeee the brownie~~~

Steve said...

omg! My mouth just started watering reading this post. Bloody fantastic.

What was with the soup though - it looked as though it had been in the fridge for a day and served cold....?

There is nothing here that I wouldn't have a go at - but I have to say that the Thyme Roast Beef Salad caught my attention.

I could hate myself for never having eaten at Food for Thought.

Great post HFB.

His Food Blog said...

@Sistafood: You should definitely give it a try, and let me know what you think.

@Jeri: Me too!

@Steve: It's olive oil. Hah! When you are back, we can always pay it a visit ;)

Steve said...

okay... now that you mentioned it, I can see the olive oil. To me it look like the top of the soup had congealed! Sorry about that!

Oh, and what about the Braised Pork Belly... when is someone going to invent blogs that can record smells that can be "played back". I reckon that would have smelt as good as you said it tasted.

His Food Blog said...

HEh! No worries.

The pork belly was good - but not healthy for the heart I must say.

Unknown said...

Yummy! All mouth watering ;)

Happy WW!

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