25 January, 2010

Mocktail at-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

It has been 2 weeks since HFB started school, and life has been really hectic. One day assignment, the next day, written test. However, he learned to create his own mocktail this week - and the name of this concoction - "A Crazy Little Thing Call Love".


Orange Juice, Lychee Syrup, Strawberry Syrup topped with Tonic Water and a hint of Red Grenadine Syrup. Add a dash of Lime Juice served in a Chilled Martini Glass garnished with Strawberry and Lemon Slice - sweet & sour, with a tint of bitterness all rolled in one.

Mocktail (4)


red fir said...

Food blogger cum bartender in the making. Very promising. (:

Anonymous said...

sounds good :) hope you're having fun along with all the hard work! :)

His Food Blog said...

@ice: Neh. It's a one-off thing as part of the curriculum. I rather focus on food.

@dotinabox: Its highly stressful, but yes I am definitely learning alot. :)

S Lloyd said...

You make me want to drop my favourite cocktail, the litchi martini, for this one. I have got to give this a try: very appealing and sounds great too

Refrigerator Gaskets said...

Looks like a great way to enjoy any situation. A hot summer day, a party at home, and morning beverage. Looks delicious, thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I've linked you at my place! (In case you suddenly find yourself linked without knowing :))

His Food Blog said...

@ S Lloyd: Heh, you flattered me.

@ R G: If you try making it... lemme know what you think.

@dotinabox: (: sure thing, thanks!

aby said...

i'm thinking of apply at atsunrice also! is it like fun to be studying there?

His Food Blog said...

I wouldn't exactly use the word "fun", as lots of hard work and discipline is required for one to gain lots from the course.

Expect tests and assignments every week, plus daily grading for skills set. (:

But yes, I am still enjoying school every bit as I am learning so much each day.

Zoey said...

Oh which course did you take? And did you have to give them 2 recommendation letters? sorry for asking soo many qns but i'm interested in applying for the school and i do not really know how to.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Zoey,

Sorry for the late reply - but to answer your question, I am currently pursing the diploma in culinary arts and yes, I did have to give them 2 recommendation letters and went through 3 rounds of interview with the school. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email hisfoodblog@gmail.com. Would be glad to help!

SugarPlumBallerina said...

Hi! It's very exciting to meet a culinary student here. Because I myself is planning to pursue a culinary diploma. I know it will not be 'fun' as in fun fun. It'll take passion, hard work, commitment, and skills. But I'm willing to so long I'm pursuing my dreams.

I'd love to ask you some recommendations please in deciding where to take culinary school, outside Singapore. One reason is because I want to travel and see the world. You know, not cooped in just this small country of Singapore. Neither in any other ASEAN country. Another is because I kind of want to avoid learning cuisines that I've been learning all my life (if I take culinary school in Singapore, I know I'll be learning Singapore and other ASEAN delicacies, which I know by heart).

Another is deciding whether to pursue culinary or baking and pastry. I know pastry is more of a science applied program, and it's somewhat 'by the book' field. While cooking is an arts applied program that I can be really creative in. But I just have a huge passion in both. How to pick the best that suits me?

Thank you very much for your help :)

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