04 January, 2010

Taste Down Under I - The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth

What’s a Friday in Perth City without an outlet shopping trip to Harbour Town?

The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth (2)

It also helped that HFB’s accommodation was just a stone throw away. And what better way to kickstart the morning, but with a nice serving of Hot Chocolate and a plate of cholesterol-high Poached Eggs topped with Ham and Hollandaise Sauce on Toast from The Coffee Club at Harbour Town.

The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth (3)

While the former was nothing to shout of (Fast Eddy’s served one of the best hot chocolate in Perth IMHO), HFB thought the hollandaise sauce for the eggs were pretty good – smooth, creamy and not over-salty.

The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth (4)

The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth (5)

It also helped that the egg yolk was semi-runny.

The Coffee Club, Harbour Town, Perth (6)

Next stop, Perth City for more shopping!

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*Harris said...

I'm actually considering visiting my relative in Perth in mid 2010, and nicely enough you're blogging about Perth!!! Brilliant!

Steve said...

Great photo mate... that egg is perfect. I haven't had breakfast yet - and now my mouth is watering!

His Food Blog said...

@Harris: The Chilli Mussels are a must try!! And takeaway lobsters from Kailis @ Frementle are a steal~ And personally love the Hot Chocolate from Fast Eddys - Open 24hrs!

@Steve: Hey!!!! Thought you would never comment on my blog again after my visit, heh.

Darn! Missing Tasmania and its oysters already.

yiwei said...

ha! here starts the australian food blog posts!!

If I am going there next year, I shall use ur blog as a guide!

His Food Blog said...

Yes, you should absolutely go there if you haven't!

Heh! But dun put too much hopes on my blog as a guide. I reckon the Australian Food Blogs are a better bet with much better information! I rely them and some other food sites for guide as well.

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