05 January, 2010

Taste Down Under II - Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth

They say in Australia, there are two recognisable retail stores you shouldn’t missed. Both deck in black and white - one is Myer, the other being the more premium rival, David Jones. While the main activity was late-night shopping, the other side activity HFB love to indulge at David Jones is also shade in black and white (well, sometimes greyish) – that’s right OYSTERS!

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 08

Situated at their basement, one will find the Oyster Bar nicely positioned with the rest of the food counters – a food court if one might call it. It’s probably a little more expensive than the other oyster bars (HFB’s favourite is the one at Mill Point, South Perth), but HFB loved the fact that it was tucked away from the buzzing crowd shopping away, and he could really take his time to indulge in them – more so if one did it during the non-peak hours. He loved to start with a white, usually from WA – this one was from Pemberton – but otherwise bubbles worked just as fine.

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 07

The feasting began with a small serving of salad greens, nice gesture, but otherwise nothing breathtaking.

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 06

But what took place thereafter was divine – the sacred moment that words cannot described. And the 3 sauces that accompanied it, Seafood Cocktail Sauce, Shallots with Red Vinaigrette, and Garlic with Soy Sauce and hint of Sesame Oil only seeks to accentuate its glory.

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 02

One serving please, Slurp!

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 04

Oops, how about another dozen more? Slurp!

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 01

Ok just one last serving, promise, Slurp!

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 05

Ok I lied, Slurp!

Oyster Bar, David Jones, Perth 03

Firm, meaty with a hint of creaminess, the ritual was completed. For the pagans who do not abide with this devout practice, the Chirashi Bowls served at the sushi counter next to it is, well, almost as good.

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jing wen said...

wow,the oyster really makes me drool and the slice of lemon that accompanies it look nice and fleshy too. Really looking forward to your next post.

jing wen said...

and it is not until now that i realised u have abandoned the method of giving scores as an evaluation of the food.

His Food Blog said...

Australian Oysters hardly failed me. Only once had I had a bad experience!

And well spotted, heh the scores will come back when I have the sufficient and relevant information to evaluate them, otherwise I reckon it wouldn't be fair to the establishment

sabbiechan said...

surprisingly, i have never tried the oysters there before. but is it nicer there or nicer at oyster bar in mill point?

His Food Blog said...

I would choose to believed that the oysters at David Jones are better, but pricey as well.

Reason being, I once had a bad experience at mill point - oysters not chilled enough.

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